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Oracle Customer Success—The Workshop

The Workshop

The Workshop Integrates Collaboration and Business Intelligence in the Cloud to Boost Efficiency, Decision-Making, and Client Retention


Oracle Documents Cloud Service and Oracle Business Intelligence enable us and our retail, transport, and manufacturing clients to analyze data in real time, make better business and operational decisions, and track results. It boosts our added value and ability to retain our clients.

— Eduard Romay, Accounts Director, The Workshop

The Workshop is a Spanish IT consulting firm that specializes in integrating business models, innovation, and technology to deliver business intelligence solutions that improve processes and operations. It services mainly operations- and efficiency-focused businesses in the retail, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Business Challenge
  • Implement a cloud business intelligence platform that enables the IT company to make better business decisions in real time, and offer it to retail, transportation, and manufacturing clients to enable them to optimize their processes and operations
  • Improve the workflow, efficiency, and effectiveness of the company’s corporate communications and client interactions by implementing a collaborative platform to draft, review, approve, send, and track documents
  • Develop an integral dashboard for clients, combining everything from company-wide key performance indicators (KPIs) to department-by-department performance and personal to-do lists, to become a central part of clients’ processes and to boost retention
  • Implemented and integrated Oracle Documents Cloud Service and Oracle Business Intelligence to deliver a user-friendly, powerful, and complete performance dashboard—combining company KPIs, stock levels, department performance, documents approval, to-do lists, and conversations—to retail, transportation, and manufacturing clients, transforming the company’s platform into an indispensable tool for clients and boosting retention
  • Provided real-time business intelligence to clients, enabling them to easily analyze data from multiple sources—including mobile devices, GPS providers, and databases—to make agile, informed business decisions, such as rerouting a bus away from a congested area to stay on schedule or moving stock from storage to store-front to meet demand
  • Revamped the corporate communications and client interaction workflows by providing a central, cloud platform that allows users to provide and track comments, changes, and suggestions, boosting efficiency by eliminating time wasted on out-of-sync versions and integrating all input, and improving effectiveness by continuously adjusting messaging based on document open rates
  • Created an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by providing staff with a platform to record their knowledge and know-how and combining it with data such as client satisfaction and turnover—and sharing it internally to collaboratively find synergies and improve processes
  • Gained the scalability to easily add more internal users, clients, and new features—enabling the company to continue providing more added value to clients, solidifying existing client relationships and generating upsell opportunities


We considered EMC, OpenText, Alfresco, and Google, but opted for Oracle Documents Cloud Service, integrating it with Business Intelligence because it best enables us to boost our company’s efficiency and to offer an indispensable added-value platform to our clients.

— Eduard Romay, Accounts Director, The Workshop


Oracle Consulting assisted The Workshop in implementing and adopting Oracle Documents Service Cloud and Oracle Business Intelligence, visiting the company’s offices as needed. In less than a week, The Workshop implemented the cloud solutions, trained users, and began using the solutions.

About The Workshop


Barcelona, Spain



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 Million
Published:  Oct 14, 2016