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Oracle Customer Success — Increases Conversion Rates by 17% with Oracle


With Oracle Marketing Cloud, we can customize campaign content, filter customers based on their behaviors, and improve targeted marketing, greatly increasing email response rates, website traffic and conversion rates.

— Huang Liyun, Senior Technical Director, Improves Targeted Marketing and Increases Conversion Rates by 17% with Oracle Marketing Cloud is a cross-border ecommerce store that offers an extensive product selection. There are 30,000+ products and 300,000 unique visitors per day on the website of has delivered goods to over 200 countries worldwide. 

To provide better customer service and expand business, deployed Oracle Marketing Cloud, which helps gain deeper insight into customers’ preferences and addresses custom requirements.
  • Identify customers’ preferences to drive one-to-one marketing for each prospect
  • Provide personalized experiences to meet different requirements of customers
  • Measure the effectiveness of email campaigns
  • Deployed Oracle Marketing Cloud to automate the marketing campaigns for cross-border ecommerce, improving the website traffic originated from email campaigns by 22%, increasing email response rates by 28%, and raising conversion rates by 17%
  • Supported data-driven marketing strategy by segmenting the target audience based on customers’ individual interests for the wide range of products of, which resulted in different types of customers, each with their own preferences
  • Expanded business to new global markets by automatically creating and delivering highly personalized emails to global customers with the delivery platform from Oracle, which was configured for optimal email delivery to thousands of domains worldwide
  • Enabled marketers to design and provide specific content, including text, imagery, and creative, with a simple point-and-click experience for email to each customer at different stages of the customer lifecycle—from initial interest through purchase and post purchase
  • Supported tracking and analysis of campaign performance by displaying campaign data on easy-to-understand dashboards, enabling executives to gain insight into how marketing efforts drive revenue and sales


With the cloud-based innovative enterprise marketing solution of Oracle Marketing Cloud, can orchestrate customer interactions across email, mobile, and social network channels according to real-time feedback from customers, achieving targeted marketing that covers the full customer lifecycle.

— Huang Liyun, Senior Technical Director,

Execution used Oracle Marketing Cloud to establish a unified platform to orchestrate consumer experiences and messaging, including content creation, campaign design, and management. Benefiting from the cloud-based platform, expedited implementation processes and reduced deployment costs.



Beijing, China is a cross-border e-commerce store that offers an extensive product selection, such as trendy fashion clothes, shoes, dresses, bags, bedding and jewelry, and provides multiple languages such as English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Arabic. is engaged in providing customers with quality products at the best prices possible. With advanced technology systems, experienced operations team, sales team and efficient logistics services, strives to become a leader of cross-border e-commerce industry in China.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 18, 2018