TLC keeps libraries open during COVID-19 using Oracle Cloud

The company moved its library management software to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, helping libraries stay open while staff worked remotely amid the pandemic.


We partnered with Oracle in the mid-1990s because it was the clear choice among database providers. We’ve continued this partnership because OCI is the clear choice among clouds.

John BurnsChief Operating Officer, The Library Corporation

Business challenges

The Library Corporation (TLC) provides an integrated library management system software platform that helps libraries across the country manage patron accounts, issue and renew library cards, and purchase, reserve, and return collections. TLC provides a range of services to more than 4,500 libraries worldwide, ranging from single-site facilities to massive metropolitan systems like the Los Angeles Public Library system.

But when COVID-19 hit, health and safety mandates forced many libraries to shut their doors, while staff had to work remotely. That often meant cutting off staff access to The Library Corporation’s integrated library management system (ILS).

To help libraries operate as remote digital businesses, TLC worked with these libraries to modify their access to the platform’s catalog, circulation, and other staff resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brings so many benefits to our developers and staff, as well as to our customers and their patrons, who appreciate the power and scalability that OCI provides.

John BurnsChief Operating Officer, TLC

Why TLC Chose Oracle

When The Library Corporation decided to move its integrated library management system to the cloud in early 2020, it chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Because TLC had built its ILS platform on Oracle Database, it felt that moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure would provide customers with unmatched control, security, and predictability to deliver high-performance, cloud-based infrastructure services.

TLC also chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because of its deep and broad cloud services, which enable TLC to design and build its applications in a scalable, secure, fault-tolerant, and high-performance environment.


Since launching its integrated library management  system on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2020, The Library Corporation has helped staff from libraries across the country serve millions of patrons in thousands of municipalities, largely while working remotely.

Libraries can run TLC’s integrated library management system as a cloud service, making it much easier to update software or provision more servers to meet increased demand for digital services.

Using a web or mobile interface to The Library Corporation’s library management platform, patrons can search “hands-free-holds” or “library-to-go” online catalogs, place holds on items, and make appointments at local branches to pick up their selections.

Because TLC’s online catalog tool runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, patron requests never touch any library’s in-house networks, so they don’t tax bandwidth or max out capacity.

With TLC’s integrated library management system running on OCI, library staff can easily update catalogs, change pickup and return schedules, issue purchase orders, and run reports. Having the library management system in the cloud means libraries can make changes to the system and give remote staff immediate access to it—even during pandemic shutdowns that sharply limit staffers’ access to library buildings.

Because the management system uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s advanced security and authentication capabilities, remote library staff can more easily configure rules for different user groups, such as approved suppliers that provide library materials.  Employees provide a list of approved IP addresses of suppliers who provide materials, then add instructions about the branch allocations to the order. Finally, the books show up at their designated branches, ready for circulation.

Published:March 4, 2021