Toonimo scales up with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offered Toonimo a scalable, secure platform, and Oracle’s startup program provided cloud credits and access to sales prospects.

Oracle’s startup program not only gives us access to more enterprise customers, but it also provides us with an enterprise-grade infrastructure to help us scale our business.

Dan KotlickiCEO, Toonimo

Business challenges

Toonimo was founded in 2013 to create interactive, audio/video tools to help large businesses improve their customer service. Leveraging intuitive end-user guides with AI-driven video overlays, Toonimo helps insurance companies, banks, telcos, and other firms improve online self-service, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Toonimo also provides advanced analytics to help those firms improve their operations.

As a startup, Toonimo needed a platform that would quickly scale up when it added new business customers, without requiring constant investment in IT hardware. Because customer service often requires sharing highly sensitive personal information about finances or health, Toonimo also needed technology that offered strong security.

With Oracle’s built-in security features, we have a lot more confidence in our ability to attract enterprise customers, and a greater capacity to keep their trust.

Dan KotlickiCEO, Toonimo

Why Toonimo Chose Oracle

Oracle’s startup program gave Toonimo access to more enterprise customers than other cloud providers’ programs, plus credits toward migrating its software platform onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s technology also provided the built-in security features needed to attract customers in regulated industries or businesses that store personal information.


Because Oracle’s startup program includes free credits for Oracle Cloud services, Toonimo was able to migrate its cloud software services onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with minimal cost. After migrating to Oracle Cloud, Toonimo’s software platform, when overlaid on a customer’s web page, generates an average click-through rate of 8%. This helps Toonimo clients drive down their customer support costs by an average of 10% annually. Toonimo’s platform also helps customers upsell services, based on AI and advanced analytics. Oracle’s startup program also helped Toonimo get access to potential customers in banking, telecom, and insurance.

One of the biggest benefits of running Toonimo on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is its security protocols and certifications, making it easier for the company to land enterprise accounts, particularly in the highly regulated financial services, healthcare, and telecom industries.

Published:May 19, 2020