Toyo Engineering processes index search 13x faster and saves storage costs with Oracle

Toyo Engineering processes index search 13x faster, enhances global collaboration, and supports growth with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Toyo Engineering Corp. (TOYO) is a global company that specializes in full engineering and construction services—from research and development to engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and technical assistance—for industrial facilities across multiple industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, and power generation.

TOYO provided users from different regions with access to critical construction project information 24/7 via its document management system, SHOKA. With significant data growth, TOYO’s legacy storage system experienced input/output (I/O) bottlenecks and caused delays in processing user requests. To support future growth, the company wanted to upgrade the storage system to ensure the stability and scalability of SHOKA and improve global collaboration.


Not only is Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance 20% less expensive than other competitors’ hard disk drive configuration, but it also offers superior performance that enables 10,000 users to rapidly access data and execute projects anywhere. This solution meets our needs to enhance collaboration between worldwide group companies.

Mamoru OnozukaGeneral Manager, Toyo Engineering Corp.

Business challenges

  • Enable 10,000 worldwide users—including employees, customers, and suppliers—to reliably access engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project documents anytime by improving the storage capacity of the document management system
  • Enhance the collaboration between TOYO group companies in multiple countries, such as India, Indonesia, and Korea, to execute EPC projects by implementing a high performing storage engineered system to support the growth of enterprise workloads and construction project data

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance outperformed the legacy storage system for its superior I/O speed of the SSD and high-capacity cache memories. The attractive price point and affinity with Oracle Database also contributed to our decision.

Mamoru OnozukaGeneral Manager, Toyo Engineering Corp.


  • Reduced storage costs by 20%—including initial investment and annual maintenance cost—by adopting a preconfigured Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with built-in replication, cloning, and encryption features to optimize performance and lower licensing costs   
  • Enabled users to rapidly access data, such as oil and gas EPC documents, and execute projects in Japan or overseas countries without delay by accelerating the speed to process full text index search by 13x—just 3 hours instead of nearly 2 days—thanks to the superior performance of the all-flash configuration of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Increased collaboration efficiency across all the group companies by using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to automatically cache 90% of data on its large-capacity dynamic random access memory (DRAM) while ensuring the optimal performance of the critical document management system
  • Minimized disruption to critical construction projects by reducing full backup time to 11 hours instead of 15 hours and shortening online incremental backup to just 1 hour rather than up to 10 hours  
  • Reduced implementation risk and time by seamlessly integrating Oracle Database with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and ensuring the best performance and easy management of the integrated Oracle software and storage system  
  • Supported rapid growth for global construction projects by increasing storage capacity with the 128-bit file system of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and gaining the ability to easily scale the disk capacity as the business grows  
  • Ensured data security of the critical document management system by implementing a secondary Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance at the disaster recovery site to replicate data in the data center


Oracle Partner Nippon Information and Communication Corp. (NI+C) acted as the infrastructure service provider for TOYO and collaborated with Oracle Japan to deploy Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.  Toyo Business Engineering Corp., the IT service provider of TOYO, assisted with the data migration to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. Oracle Japan also provided consulting services for storage migration activities and training to NI+C on the appliance.
Published:July 20, 2018