Tracifier connects the world’s food supply chain using Oracle Blockchain

Tracifier modernizes food supply chain data management with Oracle Blockchain on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Using Oracle Blockchain powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables us to move toward our goal of creating intelligent supply chain processes while supporting our environmental commitments. It ensures customer supply chain data is reliable and provides insights into supply chain key performance indicators. Integrated reporting and analytics also help us manage sustainability.

Mina KordiCEO and Cofounder, Tracifier

Business challenges

Tracifier is a Germany-based startup that provides supply chain traceability solutions. Businesses can digitally store and share certificate verification data and track products at each step of the value chain process.

Securely storing and sharing food verification data between different companies is a widespread challenge, only intensified by supply chain disruptions during the pandemic. Worldwide, food fraud costs $50 billion annually.

Tracifier works to make it easier to track and trace food items throughout the supply chain, certifying where and when a food item was produced, as well as compliance with safety and quality standards. This level of traceability helps produce safer food with a longer shelf life, reduce waste, and boost efficiency, sustainability, and transparency.

Company founders decided to harness the power of blockchain technology. As an ambitious startup, the aim was to create a powerful application with enough flexibility for the company to expand and develop its services.

We believe everyone benefits from transparency in business processes, and Tracifier makes that possible at scale with Oracle Blockchain.

Mina KordiCEO and Cofounder, Tracifier

Why Tracifier chose Oracle

Building Tracifier on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using Oracle Blockchain, integrated with Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM), provided both technological and strategic advantages to the startup.

Oracle offered the most comprehensive distributed ledger platform both in the cloud and on-premises, giving Tracifier the technological performance, power, and flexibility it desired. Oracle Blockchain enabled tamper-proof, transparent, and irrefutable business-to-business transactions, combined with distributed digital ledgers storing tamper-evident records.

Tracifier’s innovative food traceability platform, powered by Oracle Blockchain, reduced food processing costs by up to 40% using smart contracts, process automation, as well as tracking and reporting.


After launching Oracle Blockchain on OCI in 2021, Tracifier gained both attention and customers due to its innovative solutions to improve food traceability and supply chain efficiencies. To minimize food fraud, the company helps ensure that data collected at every step in a customer’s supply chain is reliable and accessible. It helps businesses reduce food processing costs by up to 40% using smart contracts and process automation and leverages real-time supply chain data for tracking and reporting.

Using Oracle Blockchain and Oracle Cloud SCM, Tracifier substantially improved operational efficiencies and reduced delays and costs from using intermediaries. The combination of OCI’s continuous monitoring and backup services with Oracle Blockchain’s tamper-proof ledger helps ensure that all supply chain data is accurate and safe. Oracle Cloud SCM’s advanced automation and analytics also helped Tracifier stay efficient, agile, and competitive.

The pandemic increased Tracifier’s customer base because companies wanted to digitalize the supply chain process and minimize manual work. Oracle Blockchain employs Hyperledger Fabric as a foundation for developing modular applications for optimum performance, security, and scalability—enabling Tracifier to grow without compromising service quality.

Oracle Blockchain easily connected with other systems and applications, enabling Tracifier to adapt its data collection and integration processes. As a flexible startup, the organization could optimize its application according to stakeholders’ specific requirements and IT infrastructures. This ranged from enabling information upload through forms to full system integration through application programming interfaces.

Published:December 13, 2022

About the customer

Tracifier is a supply chain management system built on blockchain technology. It delivers end-to-end traceability that enables companies to unlock the potential of smart and digital supply chains by connecting supply networks across the value chain with real-time traceability. Benefits include better supply chain performance, carbon footprint tracking, automated document management, and compliance with regulations. Using Tracifier’s solution can help food suppliers increase revenue by over 30% through swifter customer communications.