Tranxactor moves from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to improve scalability

The retail technology provider migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for real-time transaction processing and cuts management costs by 75%.


There are three words to describe OCI—robust, flexible, scalable. Add in the functionality and you get a very powerful offering.

John NorrieCEO, Tranxactor

Business challenges

Tranxactor is a leading provider of loyalty, customer relationship management, and payment solutions to the retail and quick service restaurant (QSR) industries. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company’s products help businesses understand their customers better and deliver timely, relevant communications across multiple channels to maximize sales.

Historically, Tranxactor’s core technology platform, called ThorTransactor, ran on-premises at different locations around the world. As public cloud services evolved and began launching in more regions, Tranxactor started moving the platform’s front-end services to AWS. However, the company found managing a hybrid on-premises and cloud infrastructure to be increasingly costly.

To support business growth, Tranxactor decided to go all-in on the cloud. In the years that the company had been using AWS, the number of cloud providers had grown, so it was the perfect time to evaluate all the options.

OCI was the natural choice for us because Oracle already had a proven history and a platform that could scale in line with our business needs.

John NorrieCEO, Tranxactor

Why Tranxactor chose Oracle

When Tranxactor launched its operations in 2003, the company used an Oracle database behind its Thor platform, processing millions of transactions in real time. As time went by, Tranxactor saw that many independent software vendors had successfully chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Enterprise Database Service to run their applications. The unmatched speed, security, and scalability of OCI was perfect for the Thor platform’s back-end processes and front-end services.

In addition, the Thor platform on OCI provided a real-time connection to link point-of-sale systems like Oracle MICROS. Thorlink runs seamlessly in the background of a POS system, providing capabilities such as fraud detection and transaction processing for loyalty schemes and CRM.

“The relationship with MICROS is very important because of its presence in the QSR industry,” says CEO John Norrie. “Our Thorlink application for MICROS completes the puzzle, enabling us to deliver end-to-end services to our customers.”

The whole migration process to OCI was carried out with no impact on end-user customers.


By migrating the back end of its ThorTransactor platform, along with the AWS-hosted services, Tranxactor on OCI ended management complexity and delivered better scalability of workloads, which can increase by 3X to 5X. Thanks to OCI’s performance, the company can process millions more online transactions in real time.

Automations from OCI reduced the resources needed to manage the Thor platform by 75%. “In the past, if ever we had an issue, it was all hands to the pump with our on-premises infrastructure. We hardly face such problems anymore and management is simpler,” says COO Fangsin Lim.

OCI also provides disaster recovery for the Thor platform. A third-party managed services team supports ThorTransactor across all of the cloud infrastructure in different regions such as Australia, Southeast Asia, the UK, and Europe.


Tranxactor selected Servian to help migrate its on-premises applications to OCI and provide ongoing operational support. Servian has more than 800 employees across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The migration work for Tranxactor, which began about two years ago, is almost complete. “Servian has been providing managed services to Tranxactor for several years now. I have nothing but praise for their services as they do a great job supporting our OCI environments, 24/7, across various geographies and time zones,” says John Norrie, Tranxactor CEO.

Published:July 22, 2022

About the customer

Founded in 2002, Tranxactor runs a powerful loyalty and CRM platform called Thor Transactor. So far, it has processed more than 5.5 billion transactions by more than 23 million loyalty and gift cardholders.