Trevi Group engineers global HR transformation with Oracle Cloud HCM

The underground engineering firm deployed Oracle Cloud HCM to boost efficiency, accessibility, reliability, and speed of HR services.

We conducted an initial assessment of our HR processes and designed our path and our desired end state. We then benchmarked several solutions in the market and decided on Oracle Cloud HCM since it best covered our requirements to meet our ambitions.

Cristina DonatiCorporate Information Technology Manager, HR, Trevi Group

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Business challenges

Founded in 1957 in Cesena, Italy, Trevi Group is a world leader in the field of soil engineering. With branches in 32 countries and a broad project portfolio, the company has two business divisions: Trevi, which carries out special foundations and soil consolidation work for large infrastructure projects, and Soilmec, which designs, manufactures, and markets machinery, systems, and services for ground engineering.

In recent years, Trevi Group has made profound internal transformations, including selling its oil and gas division and introducing new management with a strategy to refocus on its core business. The new plan included enhancing its business support functions, including HR, by focusing on four pillars: rationalization, homogenization, transformation, and efficiency.

HR was part of that refocus. Even basic HR information had to be requested from each business entity by email and then centrally amalgamated and manually put into the correct format.

Trevi Group was looking for a powerful and comprehensive HCM platform that would enable it to consolidate its HR systems and standardize processes across business divisions in 32 countries, boost the productivity of the HR management function, and streamline reporting to enhance strategic decision-making.

Why Trevi Group chose Oracle

Trevi Group selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management for its ease of use and modularity, as well as for its comprehensiveness and flexibility to standardize processes across the company’s large and diverse business divisions.


The company unified all key HR data on a single system with Oracle Cloud HCM, replacing multiple non-integrated HR IT systems in each country—six in Italy alone. Today, Trevi Group has a common HR language across the company, ensuring that HR metrics and KPIs can be uniformly applied, and has significantly simplified HR administration. HR representatives can now manage all 3,500 employees in a synchronized way that matches corporate strategies and adheres to local customs and regulations.

Using Oracle Cloud HCM as a single HR platform has also ensured a smooth integration with the company’s third-party ERP system, enabling all back-office functions to be fully integrated in supporting the company’s engineering and services businesses in the future.

Trevi Group has substantially boosted the accuracy and speed of HR reporting with Oracle Cloud HCM’s analytics. HR teams now have a real-time overview of employee headcount, performance, competencies, and development needs at the local, regional, and global levels—enabling them to make rapid, data-based strategic HR decisions.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, Trevi Group introduced a universal employee evaluation system based on performance goals and nine behaviors. This will be digitally connected to other HR functions such as compensation and benefits, recruitment, and learning and development, enabling the company to drive individual excellence and innovation throughout the employee lifecycle. The common evaluation system also enables the company to develop and share a cohesive corporate culture throughout the company. It makes internal transfers smoother and more operationally successful.

Trevi Group also boosted its recruitment function by using Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, to modernize its careers portal and introduce an employee referral program, which has increased the number of applications per open position. HR teams can now automatically post vacancies externally thanks to the system’s integration with LinkedIn and other job boards, while candidates can search and apply for any of Trevi Group’s global jobs from a single web portal.

As part of the hiring process, candidates are assessed against Trevi Group’s core values identified in the recruitment module. This enables the company to evaluate and improve the quality of hires and make continual enhancements to its staffing processes. The system also ensures compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy regulations, which was previously impossible as CVs were forwarded by email or printed and sometimes left unattended on a desk.

The company has enriched the employee journey with Oracle Cloud HCM by introducing anytime, anywhere self-service across a range of functions. For example, employees are now able to amend their personal information, manage their annual leave, or enroll themselves in training courses from the company’s learning catalog without needing to go through HR.


For the implementation and configuration of its Oracle Cloud HCM platform, Trevi Group chose Oracle Certified Partner Business Reply for its high quality and cost effectiveness as well as its experience in designing and implementing solutions to support some of Europe’s leading industrial groups.

“We have worked really closely with Business Reply right from the project start, and they have been instrumental in ensuring our success, always ready to find solutions to any challenges which arose,” says Cristina Donati, corporate IT manager for HR.

Published:January 27, 2022