Turner & Townsend has achieved a 90% time savings in weekly RFI reporting

To achieve BIM level 2 compliance, Turner & Townsend needed a proven system to: provide a common data environment, streamline processes across multiple clients/sectors including a current client, Sheffield City Council, and improve reporting and transparency across projects.


Aconex is one of the top construction management systems in terms of reporting.

Emma WakefieldInformation Manager, Turner & Townsend

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Business challenges

  • Reporting was ad hoc, time consuming and not 100% up to date
  • Errors in naming, numbering and documentation caused delays and could lead to an imperfect document register provided to their client
  • Lack of a secure central platform on which to collaborate
  • Needed to meet BIM level 2 compliance and make it easier to manage model reviews


  • Reporting configured to meet project needs and available to all team members
  • Data was exported and analyzed to highlight discrepancies; compliance reporting provided relevant information enabling timely corrective actions
  • Each organization was given its own private, secure space with configurable workflows and system set up, to meet all project needs
  • Connected BIM meant models are easily shared and available to team members to edit or comment on
  • 90% faster weekly RFI reporting. Now taking only 2 minutes to generate instead of the previous 30 minutes. Project Managers can use the timely and complete RFI report data to address delays before the project schedule is impacted
  • The accessibility to reporting saved on average 1 hour per day for the Project Manager
  • Model review cycles are 92% faster on average, reduced from 5 days to 3 hours
  • The client has benefited from a 10% reduction in scope changes by enabling team members outside of the design team, including the client, to participate in the BIM process
  • Over 80% faster to find drawings or documents and 2-3 hours saved per day tracking manual workflows
Published:August 9, 2018

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