U-Payments expands its payment solutions to more countries by migrating to OCI

The financial technology provider turns to OCI to bolster the interoperability of its services and expand its footprint across Latin America.


By leveraging the advantages offered by OCI in terms of scalability and high computing power, U-Payments achieved better performance and became much more competitive. This improvement can be felt specially during payment processing, because OCI helped reduce costs and allowed us to offer customers an affordable, turnkey product.

Paulo PaulekPresident and Cofounder, U-Payments

Based in Chile, U-Payments provides digital banking services, money transfers, debit and credit card processing, and strategic consulting services to businesses and social organizations. As part of its goal to become a global fintech provider with services spanning the entire payment cycle ecosystem, the company needed to run its systems in the cloud. To achieve this goal, the company chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because of its presence across several countries, which helped the company integrate all of its solutions with digital products from other clients across the payment processor ecosystem. With OCI’s scalability, U-Payments can support millions of simultaneous transactions across all its products. OCI also brought a high level of interoperability, allowing U-Payments to integrate with third-party partners and clients, such as Visa and Mastercard, in a multicloud environment.

Published:February 5, 2024