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Oracle Customer Success—United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.

United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.

United Automotive Electronic Systems Archives Documents 50x Faster— Reduces Digital-Asset Management Costs by US$328,000


With Oracle WebCenter technology, we have established a single, reliable, secure, and scalable digital-asset management platform to support our future growth. We can archive documents 50x faster and have cut costs by US$328,000.

— Zhao Chao, CIO, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Zhonglian Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd. and German technology corporation Robert Bosch GmbH, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd. (UAES) develops, produces, and sells gasoline-engine management systems, transmission-control systems, car-body electronic control systems, hybrid-power systems, and electricity-driven control systems.

In a carbon-conscious world continually striving to limit harmful emissions, UAES is a leading developer of automotive quality-control technology, with three major research and development and emissions testing facilities in China. UAES supplies motor-vehicle manufacturers in China and Europe.
Business Challenge
  • Improve efficiency and security when sharing and archiving documents to support business growth by adopting a single, digital-asset management platform to centrally manage documents for motor-vehicle electronics production, emissions quality research, and systems manufacturing that were spread across various business systems
  • Manage structured and unstructured data associated with core business processes, such as research and development for car-engine transmission-control units, car-body electronic components, and electricity-driven control systems to reduce digital-asset management costs
  • Improve productivity by enabling staff to easily and securely access and manage content from the enterprise portal, such as product-specification sheets, rather than relying on IT staff for authorization
  • Reduced digital-asset management costs by approximately US$328,000 by implementing a single content-management platform to integrate and manage structured and unstructured content from various business systems, such as motor vehicle quality control and research and development systems, thanks to Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Enabled 200 concurrent users, globally, to quickly and easily access content from the enterprise portal in less than two seconds, improving business productivity
  • Archived documents 50x faster by enabling users to efficiently share content, such as documents stored in the company’s policy, contract, and quality-control systems, on a single platform, eliminating file duplication and enhancing version control
  • Established a single authorization-management system integrated with digital-asset management, enabling users to access, view, and download the majority of documents required without IT assistance
  • Enabled real-time access to technical reports from research and development centers across China, eliminating a few week’s delay, helping users to navigate and access content in collaborative environment and enhancing the user experience
  • Developed a standardized document-management process and scalable digital-asset management strategy to support increased volume of technical documentation due to stringent motor vehicle emissions standards in the Chinese and European markets

Why They Chose Oracle

UAES chose Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal to establish a reliable and secure digital-asset management system to support its exponential growth and meet compliance requirements in the industry.

Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal offer a stable, secure, and scalable content-management platform that can integrate seamlessly with our enterprise portal. It improves business efficiency and collaboration across all departments and supports our future growth.

— Zhao Chao, CIO, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.


UAES launched its enterprise, digital-asset management system and started the implementation for Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal in November 2012. The new platform integrated enterprise management and core-knowledge documents from various business systems. It took five months to complete the project, with the new system capable of supporting 200 concurrent users.

About United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.


Shanghai, China



Annual Revenue

$1 to $5 Billion


UAES worked with Oracle partner Shanghai Tongfu Information Technology Co. Ltd., a professional application-software provider for document and knowledge management, to develop the centralized digital-asset management platform. The implementation included requirements research, structural design, product configuration, development, system testing, and user training.

“With Shanghai Tongfu Information Technology’s expert knowledge and advanced technical skills in Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal, we gained a practical and easy-to-use content management platform. Our users can now easily access and share documents across departments, improving business efficiency,” said Chen Guojun, project manager, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd.
Published:  Jun 20, 2014