UnionBank teams up with Oracle SIA for agility and scalability

Insight from Oracle Software Investment Advisory helps Union Bank of the Philippines grow while optimizing its TCO.


Oracle SIA helped us figure out our licensing requirements so we could more effectively support the exponential growth in our client base we’ve experienced since the start of our digital transformation journey.

Ryan AcostaFirst Vice President and Head of Infrastructure and Service Management, Union Bank of the Philippines

Business challenges

Union Bank of the Philippines is a publicly listed financial institution founded in 1968. As part of its efforts to better serve the geographically dispersed population in the Philippines, UnionBank became the first traditional bank in the nation to receive a digital banking license. UnionBank is also one of the first major banks in the country to move its core banking system away from legacy technologies to newer, more advanced systems.

To support its transformation and growth, UnionBank needed to better understand its Oracle licensing requirements and optimize its total cost of ownership (TCO). Its approach of procuring technology on a case-by-case basis was expensive and inefficient. UnionBank also needed a better overall view of all its technologies so it could ensure that its new investments would align to its evolving strategy.

Working with Oracle SIA reiterated that Oracle is our partner, and they are looking out for us.

Ryan AcostaFirst Vice President and Head of Infrastructure and Service Management, Union Bank of the Philippines

Why UnionBank chose Oracle

UnionBank knew that Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) could provide a review of its software and licenses to ensure that it was compliant with all terms and conditions. Oracle SIA could also help the bank inventory its software usage and evaluate whether it was getting the most out of its Oracle investments.


UnionBank had adopted an Oracle unlimited license agreement (ULA) prior to SIA’s involvement, which allowed the bank to better control how much it was spending on technology and better optimize TCO for each product. With the ULA, the bank was able to benefit from new Oracle products with advanced security options, which were required for the bank’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) initiatives.

Following the ULA adoption, SIA performed multiple assessments to help UnionBank gain insights into its consumption and cost. These assessments gave the bank detailed understanding into their consumption of the agreement and helped to pinpoint and address under-deployment. As a result, the bank was able to get better visibility and control over how it is using existing technology, helping its leaders make smarter IT investments by ensuring that new technology investments don’t create redundancies.

Finally, consolidating licensing costs and spending more wisely has helped UnionBank better manage the exponential growth it has experienced since the start of its digital transformation. The bank is now confident that it’s making progress on its overall strategy to become more agile and scalable to better serve its clients.

Published:December 9, 2021