Universidad Andrés Bello centralizes HR operations with Oracle Cloud HCM

The Chilean university streamlines HR processes and improves employee  engagement and retention using Oracle Cloud HCM.


Oracle Cloud HCM's integrated platform and streamlined processes have allowed us to consolidate our HR data, improve employee management, and offer greater integration with other HR subsystems we use.

Felipe RodríguezDirector of Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll, Universidad Andrés Bello

Business challenges

Founded in 1988, Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) is the largest private university in Chile, with more than 50,000 students across eight campuses. The end of its affiliation with an international education consortium in 2020 left the university without access to human resources  platforms to manage its workforce.

To optimally manage its 2,700 employees, UNAB required an integrated HR data model with detailed analysis and reporting capabilities. It sought a human capital management (HCM) solution that would easily integrate with its internal Oracle PeopleSoft Payroll  application. In addition, the university wanted to remove manual and error-prone spreadsheets.

We realized that the system itself is well adapted to the needs of the business or the institution. We could easily capture what we needed for the application of the compensation process.

Nicolas AlvarezDeputy Director of Compensation, Universidad Andrés Bello

Why UNAB chose Oracle

UNAB selected Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM over SAP because Oracle's higher-quality solutions were less expensive. Oracle also offered a faster deployment time, which was particularly important for UNAB.


The university valued Oracle Cloud HCM's ability to integrate and synchronize with its on-premises PeopleSoft Payroll application, key to improving the transparency of the HR processes.

UNAB also appreciated Oracle Cloud HCM's flexible configurations, as well as automatic quarterly software updates—essential features to help it keep up with the latest technologies and ensure operational continuity.

Universidad Andrés Bello consolidated all HR information for 2,700 administrative and teaching staff into Oracle Cloud HCM, creating efficient HR management and reporting.


To support the 2,700 employees spread across its campuses, UNAB consolidated all workforce information into Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling efficient HR management, including performance assessments and compensation processes.

Using Oracle Performance Management, part of the Oracle Cloud HCM Talent Management portfolio, the university sets and tracks goals to evaluate employee performance.

Oracle Cloud HCM's compensation module, part of Oracle Workforce Management, helped UNAB budget, monitor, and analyze merit-based compensation plans and bonus calculations across its workforce. The university uses integrated analytics to identify employees eligible for bonuses twice as fast as it could before implementation. In addition, the organization processes changes in employee compensation or bonus schemes with full transparency.

UNAB also benefits from the constant synchronization of employee data, such as contract changes, bonus schemes, or salary information, because PeopleSoft Payroll and Oracle Cloud HCM are fully integrated with other applications.

With Oracle Talent Management's Professional Development module, UNAB employees can explore and develop their skills with customized development plans that include objectives, tasks, and outcomes linked to each employee's role. As a result, the university improved operational performance with increased employee engagement and better retention.

Oracle Cloud HCM’s ease of use boosted user adoption, allowing UNAB to shut down previously used HR systems and spreadsheets. Today, university employees can securely access their own data anywhere, anytime, from any device, via  their university email address.


Universidad Andrés Bello worked with Oracle Partner DATCO Chile to implement Oracle Cloud HCM.

Published:June 24, 2022

About the customer

Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), founded in 1988, is the largest private university in Chile, with more than 50,000 fellows studying at campuses in  Santiago, Viña del Mar, and Concepción.