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Oracle Customer Success

Oracle Cloud helps Unochapecó enhance data security


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a simplified and efficient disaster recovery solution for the Brazilian university.

Business challenges

The Universidade Comunitária da Região de Chapecó (Unochapecó) is one of the largest higher education institutions in western Santa Catarina, Brazil, with about 8,000 students. Like  every educational institution, one of its essential duties is to safeguard the personal data and academic information of all students and professors.

“We heard about institutions in Santa Catarina that had their databases invaded by hackers. Because of this increase in attacks, we wanted to have a solution that, in case of hacker attacks, would guarantee business continuity,” says Lissandro Hoffmeister, Unochapecó's chief technology officer. This zeal for data security motivated the university to look for a backup environment that could replicate data in order to safeguard the information essential to maintaining the university's operations and its massive database of information.

Unochapecó's IT staffers had designed a disaster recovery solution aimed at saving the data on a second site, but they needed a partner that could help them clear technology and cost hurdles to make the project viable.

Those of us in IT have a big responsibility for the information and data for the entire history of the institution and its students, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides us with that security in a way that’s easy to use and within a budget appropriate to our size.

Lissandro Hoffmeister

CIO, Unochapecó

Why Unochapecó Chose Oracle

Unochapecó chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructrure (OCI) to support its disaster recovery strategy. The school has been partnering with Oracle for more than 30 years. The big reason Unochapecó selected OCI was the simplicity of an integrated solution with all the hardware and software needed, making it easy to implement and use. And Oracle’s Universal Credits and flexible usage model allow Unochapecó to access a wide range of IaaS and PaaS services, helping make the project financially viable.


Using Oracle Database Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure increased agility, security, and performance for Unochapecó. “The cloud environment was made available very quickly, and the migration process was very smooth,” says Lissandro. “In a matter of a few hours, it was already available for us to test, support, and approve the solution.” The university's CIO also highlights peace of mind in terms of information security, since data is replicated and secured in a second secure environment almost simultaneously, while maintaining the speed of the operation.