Viatick boosts performance 25% by migrating from AWS to Oracle MySQL HeatWave

The IoT innovator builds and trains machine learning models faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, speeding time to market and reducing costs by 23%.


Training data for machine learning took too long in AWS, and showing it was an entirely separate process. But with MySQL HeatWave, it’s a single step and I can show it instantaneously.

Edmund GairCofounder, Head of Operations and Strategy, Viatick

Business challenges

Viatick is an Internet of Things (IoT) firm that delivers plug-and-play monitoring and related solutions to help companies lower insurance costs and accident rates, increase productivity, and reduce implementation times. Founded in 2014, the company uses Bluetooth technology to provide asset and personnel tracking and contact tracing services, as well as detailed industry-ready analytics. The company’s core products include its SaaS platforms Jarvis, BMS, and Safe Event Tool.

For its Jarvis platform—an indoor positioning tool for monitoring personnel and assets—Viatick was running MySQL Community version on AWS, Huawei Cloud, and other cloud infrastructure providers. Solid business growth coupled with the pandemic brought a surge in demand for the company’s products. Viatick needed a more manageable database service because its engineers were spending too much time on manual processes to clean the data and build and train automated intelligence (AI) models for clients. Data backups, analyses, and processing were also highly labor-intensive.

In addition, the company wanted to reduce its infrastructure and database costs, and gain more insight into how it was being charged for its cloud services. Viatick also wanted to enhance its service offering by accelerating product demos and providing more flexible monitoring templates in an effort to reach new customers and geographical markets.

Why Viatick chose Oracle

Since its inception, Viatick used MySQL Community version and began its cloud journey on Digital Ocean, Softlayer, Azure, and Amazon. The company chose to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) based on the enhanced machine learning capabilities within Oracle MySQL HeatWave. MySQL Heatwave AutoML offers in-database ML, which means models can be built and predictions and explanations can be generated while data or models stay within the database. In-database ML offers better security for data and models and eliminates the complexity involved in creating extract, transfer, and load (ETL) process to move data in and out of the database. It also makes the most recent data available for building models. External third-party libraries are not needed for model building.


Viatick migrated from AWS and Huawei Cloud to MySQL HeatWave running on OCI in just 10 business days with zero downtime by using Oracle Premier Support. Oracle created a dedicated channel where its engineers, technical support, and account managers provided continual assistance throughout the implementation, making sure that the shape of Viatick’s solution met its current and future business needs.

Viatick’s developers now build and train ML models faster, shortening time to market and enhancing services to customers. For example, the company recently presented a customized AI demo to a government agency in Singapore within one working day, which would have been impossible with its previous cloud providers.

With MySQL Heatwave, Viatick’s new and prospective clients can select their preferred AI model from a drop-down list or let the system default to the most suitable model. Model and prediction explanations are generated using various explanation techniques for all the regression and classification models created with MySQL HeatWave AutoML.

MySQL HeatWave’s automated database management helps save significant operational time with simplified analysis and automated backups. The company optimizes its databases by tapping OCI to enhance AI and monitoring processes. Database performance improved by as much as 25%, especially when processing large amounts of. Overall, the company’s monthly infrastructure costs are 23% lower than they were on AWS.

OCI’s scalability allowed Viatick to offer its solutions to hotel chains and other global customers with large datasets, which was not possible with previous cloud providers. The company also improved cost management for its customers thanks to OCI’s transparent subscription model, which eliminated the bill shocks and opaqueness the company had experienced when running on AWS.

The high levels of care and responsiveness from Oracle significantly boosted Viatick’s confidence and success rates when showing its solutions to new and existing customers. Viatick is continuing to roll out MySQL HeatWave Database Service for its current government and corporate clients, while the company expands globally to 44 countries.

Published:June 23, 2023

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Viatick connects the world with smart businesses, envisioning a reality where tasks are made simpler with data from AIoT technology. Viatick aims to transform businesses with the use of AI to make a bigger and greener impact.