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Oracle Customer Success — Viavi


Viavi Streamlines Marketing Automation Systems to Reallocate Marketing Dollars

During the last nine decades, Viavi has grown from a two-man operation that built and sold radios, to one of the world’s largest suppliers of network test and measurement equipment, to a global provider of service assurance platforms. As a technology company, Viavi understands the importance of marketing metrics and uses the information not only to guide their marketing activities, but also to allocate marketing budgets. Recently, the company realized that it had been overlooking the true ROI of brand awareness-driven activities and decided to isolate and better measure those activities in order to allocate marketing dollars more evenly, and improve lead quality.
  • Streamlining all marketing technologies into one entity
  • Measuring the true ROI of brand awareness-based marketing activities
  • Reassessing the allocation of marketing dollars
  • Improved lead generation quality
  • Virtually eliminated duplicate leads and incomplete customer profiles
  • Strengthened partnership with IT and sales teams
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Third-party reporting and dashboard creation software


The first step was to refine the way Viavi compiles metrics. Using key functionality built into Oracle Marketing Cloud, the marketing team adapted the underlining data points and their relationships to each other, including fast copying and parent-child connections. For example, when a campaign was created, the team anchored it to the Activity Tracker profile, which, in turn, provided one Viavi tracking ID. This ID is now used across all of the company’s marketing systems (Google AdWords, etc.). Once the contact and activity ID information is captured within Oracle Marketing Cloud, it gets synced together to generate full-funnel metrics, which are synced with third-party sales software. The final process involves ranking each campaign member interaction and aligning that number with the team’s internal scoring system. This creates a robust set of full-funnel insights. 
The newly streamlined marketing metrics processes have helped to improve lead quality, create new scoring models, and evaluate multiple marketing activity interactions. They also give the marketing team the ability to react to a contact’s potential existing position within the sales pipeline. In addition, the sales team does not have to worry about receiving duplicate leads or incomplete lead data.

About Viavi


California, United States

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Dec 27, 2017