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Oracle Customer Viewpoint—Flipboard

Flipping Passion Into Profit

News aggregator Flipboard uses artificial intelligence, human curators, and cloud analytics to help publishers and advertisers worldwide tie their content to consumer interests.

Flipboard logo


Good Measures

Using Oracle Data Cloud, Flipboard can feature ads that are contextually relevant to content that consumers are reading, validate that consumers are actually seeing the ads, and then quantify how long they are viewing those ads.

Good Measures


Platform to Explore

“People come to Flipboard to learn. They use the platform to get better at their jobs, improve their health, learn more about their favorite hobbies, or explore new ones.”

—Nicole McCormack, Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy and Operations, Flipboard

Distributed Network


No Faking

“To ensure our platform is devoid of fake news, we have teams of full-time editors and curators from all over the world who authenticate news sources, scour topics, and study news trends in 26 different countries”

—Cecily Mac, Chief Business Officer, Flipboard



Faster Flows

“Using Oracle Data Cloud analytics to capture consumer’s receptivity to content, we can prove to publishers and advertisers that our platform delivers true user engagement.”

—David Wigder, Head of Insights, Performance, and Data Strategy, Flipboard


Engagement Analytics in the Cloud

Payment Platform in the Cloud

“Oracle’s data cloud platform helps us capture real-time information about what users are reading, whether offline, on the web, [or on] mobile or social platforms. This give us a complete picture of their interests and helps our partners understand how to effectively market to them.”

—David Wigder, Head of Insights, Performance, and Data Strategy, Flipboard



Moving to Mobile

“[With 85% of US adults using their mobile devices to read news,] “readers aren’t going to spend time switching from one news site to another on their phones. They’re going to want one platform that has it all. And to us, Flipboard is that platform.”

—David Wigder, Head of Insights, Performance, and Data Strategy, Flipboard