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Special Delivery

Oracle Customer Viewpoint—Grupo Aeromexico

Cloud Landing

Mexico’s largest airline, Grupo Aeromexico, is using cloud analytics to determine which passengers, routes, and services provide the highest profit margins.

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Intelligent Mix

To better understand its most profitable customers and routes, Grupo Aeromexico uses applications in the cloud to analyze passenger profile and travel history data pulled from several business units; it then runs sophisticated financial models against a mix of variables including travel frequency, ticket prices, fuel costs, currency exchange rates, and types of aircraft.



More for Less

“Our vision is to offer more destinations at lower costs and attract more capital to grow our business.”

—Ricardo Sanchez-Baker, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Aeromexico



Premium Passengers

“In contrast to rival airlines that offer low-price tickets and no-frills service to vacationers, we have structured our business to deliver premium services to business-class travelers.”

—Ricardo Sanchez-Baker, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Aeromexico



Measurable Impact

“Before the cloud, we couldn’t get to this level of precision and wouldn’t even consider Queretaro as a profitable destination.”

—Benjamin Hernandez, CIO of Grupo Aeromexico


Prebuilt Integration

Prebuilt Integration

“Using Oracle Managed Cloud Service prebuilt integrations for our on-premises enterprise resource planning applications, we can now run more complex and comprehensive profitability analysis in less time.”

—Benjamin Hernandez, Chief Information Officer, Grupo Aeromexico



Full Service, Low Cost

“Since moving to the cloud, we’ve been able to maintain the lowest cost structure among all competing full-service airlines in the Americas.”

—Ricardo Sanchez-Baker, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Aeromexico