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Elder Care

Oracle Customer Viewpoint—HelpAge India

Elder Care

HelpAge India is using cloud applications to get food and medicines to millions of senior citizens across the country and help them combat degenerative illnesses, get out of poverty, and lead dignified, independent lives.

HelpAge India logo


Mobile Delivery

Using Oracle ERP Cloud applications, HelpAge India is able to immediately dispatch mobile healthcare service personnel to remote villages across the county, manage just-in-time inventory, get the best credit terms with its suppliers, and account for every rupee it receives from donors.



Age of Grace

“Our vision is to provide the indigent elderly population of India with access to primary healthcare and help them reverse the spiral of declining productivity, diminished income, and poverty.”

—Mathew Cherian, Chief Executive Officer, HelpAge India


Donor Approved

“We can’t justify administrative overhead when we need to account for every rupee we receive. Donors want to see our efforts going to the elderly, not into our operations.”

—Puneet Bali, Chief Operating Officer, HelpAge India



Fault Tolerant

“Because we can access the cloud apps from any device, at any time, we know exactly what our inventory and consumption levels are and can get all of the medicines and supplies delivered in time to the people who desperately need them.”

—Mathew Cherian, Chief Executive Officer, HelpAge India


Supply Chain and Accounting Platform in the Cloud

Supply Chain and Accounting Platform in the Cloud

“We’re using Oracle Self-Service Procurement Cloud and Oracle Inventory Management Cloud to track how much inventory we have on hand, what we need to purchase, which vendors are giving us the best credit, and what the status of the project is. We also have the Oracle Financials Cloud app connecting to our bank, so that all of our donation receipts get automatically reconciled and then posted to an extranet where donors can track their investments against specific programs—and ensure their investments are going to their intended use.”

—Partha Bardhan, Chief Information Officer, HelpAge India



Calculus of Care

“Because the cloud has automated our manual accounting processes, it gives us confidence that our financial reports reflect exactly where the donor money is going and how it is impacting our projects.”

—Puneet Bali, Chief Operating Officer, HelpAge India