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Oracle Customer Success — Visma Software Oy

Visma Software Oy

Visma Software Overhauls Its Marketing Strategy with Oracle Eloqua


Oracle Eloqua has enabled us to create a more accurate and strategic approach to our sales and marketing, increasing engagement and improving ROI.

— Milla Ikonen, CMO, Visma Software Oy

Visma Software Oy is an independent business unit part of the Visma Group. The Visma Group consists of five software business areas corresponding with Visma’s strategic positions in import-ant segments: SMB, Enterprise, Retail, Government and IT & Hosting. Visma is present in twelve countries with headquarters located in Oslo, Norway. Visma Software’s products include ERP and financial management software, both on premise and SAAS products.
Visma is a software business that relies on technical expertise and customer feedback to help shape its offerings and make them more intuitive. It is not only software license sales that inter¬est Visma, but also the holistic customer experience and building a community of loyal customers and partners.
  • Batch and blast approach to marketing was being used across the business without success
  • No clear view of what content should be offered and to whom
  • Content was spread over various web pages and campaign landing pages
  • Buyer personas were not defined, resulting in mixed messages to users
  • No nurturing or lead scoring programs were in place 
  • Buyer personas, journeys and customer experience model designed for sales and marketing
  • Completely overhauled its marketing strategy to an analytical approach 
  • 38% of visitors engaged with the content offered on the Visma Suunta content hub
  • 9% of unique visitors gave their contact information – over the course of a year
  • Constant measurement, analysis and tracking using Oracle Eloqua means better quality 
  • Visma Suunta dynamic content hub built on Oracle Eloqua for progressive profiling
  • Data is continuously and actively collected to enhance the database
  • Oracle Eloqua is used to send sales notifications with enhanced contact information leads


Milla Ikonen, CMO at Visma Oy explained: “As the new CMO, I wanted to bring a fresh approach. We decided to ditch the old fashioned method of email blasts and create a more strategic approach with accurate buyer personas and journeys to build a comprehensive customer experi-ence model for sales and marketing. Oracle Eloqua means we cover the entire buyer journey for several buyer personas with multiple traffic building channels in place. Our next task is analyzing the data and fine tuning the messaging to maximize lead generation and ROI.”

About Visma Software Oy


Oslo, Norway

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Oct 02, 2017