Voiteck delivers VoIP at 30% more capacity with Oracle Cloud

The VoIP provider upgrades IT operations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and improves efficiency and customer satisfaction while also reducing costs.


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, spinning up a new server takes only 20 seconds versus 5 minutes required by previous cloud providers.

Kane GoersNetwork Operations Manager, Voiteck

Business challenges

As South Australia’s largest wholesale provider of telephony and internet services, Voiteck helps enterprises switch from on-premises private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems to the company’s hosted VoIP service, removing the hassle of managing equipment for the customers.

Voiteck had already moved its managed offering from on-premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS) a few years ago. The company was looking for an alternative cloud provider to improve performance and reduce cost of its VoIP applications—critical to achieving better customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

One of the factors that helped us move across to OCI was the great interaction with the Oracle staff. Now that Oracle has a local support team in Adelaide, it has helped us out a lot.

Kane GoersNetwork Operations Manager, Voiteck

Why Voiteck chose Oracle

Voiteck had valued Oracle’s work in the time since it implemented Oracle Communications Session Border Controller in its IT environment.

When the company opted to build its VoIP services in the cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was the clear choice. Key reasons were OCI’s ability to tackle the company’s legacy IT landscape, improve operations for its customers, provide more memory, better CPU speeds, and reduce deployment and implementation times.


Although early in its transformation, Voiteck is already seeing tangible improvements. Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has reduced operating costs by 50% and increased capacity by as much as 30%.

The company built its VoIP services using the open source PBX application Asterisk on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute and Oracle Communications Session Border Controller. Moving to the hosted PBX solution has simplified connection issues for the remote employees of Voiteck's customers. The employees can now respond to callers without any service-incurred delays, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

“With Oracle Cloud, we can now offer better systems, more memory, and more CPUs to our customers for the same price,” says Kane Goers, network operations manager.

In addition, Voiteck enjoys the ease and speed of setting up a server on OCI compared to AWS cloud infrastructure. Further, Oracle's local support and proactive communication, which Voiteck found invaluable, has made the transformation worthwhile for the company. In fact, Voiteck has chosen to move all of its 60 servers to OCI.

Published:November 22, 2021