Wavenet Technology runs one million-plus queries in seconds with MySQL HeatWave

The marketing technology company helps its growing customer base optimize campaigns in real time after migrating to Oracle MySQL HeatWave.


Oracle MySQL HeatWave provides us with a very efficient and fast way to explore and use data. We can now run more than one million customer dashboard queries in a few seconds. Plus, by moving from AWS Redshift to Oracle MySQL HeatWave, we have reduced our total cost of ownership by at least 30%.

Hung Chih ChiehChief Technology Officer, Wavenet Technology

Business challenges

Digital marketing company Wavenet Technology helps global brands across the Asia and Pacific region optimize online marketing campaigns. It uses artificial intelligence and big data analytics to enable customers to track and fine-tune marketing activities 24 hours a day in real time.

As part of the Wavenet Technology service, customers access a web dashboard to consult the latest figures on their campaigns’ performance. As the number of simultaneous dashboard queries went beyond one million, the time to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data for the reports became increasingly time-consuming. Eventually, the amount of processing exceeded the capacity of Wavenet Technology’s systems, which were running on AWS Redshift.  Customers had to wait several minutes for the systems to respond.

Because the situation began to hamper Wavenet Technology’s business development plans, the company began looking for a high-performance, secure, and affordable database that would provide the speed, power, and confidence to achieve its growth targets.

Oracle MySQL HeatWave could support current and future processing requirements.

Why Wavenet Technology chose Oracle

Wavenet Technology selected Oracle MySQL HeatWave running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it could support current and future processing requirements.

The company also liked the cost-effectiveness of the service and the support from the Oracle MySQL development team, which gave Wavenet confidence that security risks would be minimized, and its investment would be well protected.

OCI also provided a simple architecture that was easy to administer with limited management resources. “Oracle MySQL HeatWave could accelerate data processing, so we wouldn’t have to run ETL processes anymore,” says CTO Hung Chih Chieh.

Using Oracle MySQL Heatwave, Wavenet Technology answers more than one million customer dashboard queries in just a few seconds.


With Oracle MySQL HeatWave running on OCI, Wavenet gained the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to support its data processing needs. Plus, by moving from AWS Redshift to Oracle MySQL HeatWave, the company also reduced the infrastructure’s total cost of ownership by at least 30%.

“Since we started using MySQL HeatWave, we’re saving a lot of time and labor on exploring data and algorithms. Also, response times are very fast when modeling raw data using HeatWave. It helps to design the best algorithm for modeling our data,” says Hung Chih Chieh.

Wavenet Technology now has the processing power to develop new solutions for automating online marketing. Also, data management is significantly simpler. As a result, data managers can work directly with the raw data stored in MySQL HeatWave, eliminating the ETL process.

Response times for customer queries were slashed from several minutes to just a few seconds. Also, the company can analyze data in more sophisticated ways. “It’s easier for VIP-level customers to submit specific queries and get insights into their data. This is a very good selling point for them,” says Hung Chih Chieh.

Wavenet Technology is also using MySQL Autopilot to automate functions run through Oracle MySQL HeatWave. “We rely on Autopilot to fine-tune performance for us. It helps us dynamically configure parameters and optimize data queries,” says Johnny Hong, a data scientist at Wavenet Technology.

Next, the company will integrate Oracle Analytics Cloud for data visualization and reporting so that Wavenet can easily create and view reports on any data set within its database.

Published:June 30, 2022

About the customer

Founded in 2010, Wavenet Technology has offices in Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Kuala Lumpur. The company helps customers optimize their digital marketing through big data analytics in areas including people, performance, process, and prediction.