William Hill reduces waiting time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds, nearly halves queries into contact center with improved self-service

William Hill is a betting and gaming company with retail businesses in the United Kingdom and Australia. The company has 2,371 licensed betting shops in the United Kingdom, in addition to a substantial international online business. It has licensed websites in Italy, Spain, Australia and the USA.


Oracle Service Cloud has enabled us to grow our product range on an international scale and increase our customer base while keeping service costs down. We’ve halved queries into our contact center with increased web self-service and delivered automated communications for high volume activity.

— Stephen White, Product Owner, William Hill

Business challenges

  • Deliver excellent customer service and support via multiple interfaces supporting 16 languages for a growing range of online gaming products
  • Manage customer experience across 122 countries with varying regulations to ensure the organization always complies with relevant gaming legislation

We wanted a customer experience product that was easy to deploy across multiple interfaces and languages. Oracle Service Cloud enables us to make changes very quickly to meet customer demand, while remaining compliant with international gaming legislation.

— Stephen White, Product Owner, William Hill


  • Reduced waiting time for priority betting and gaming customers from up to 2 minutes to just 10 seconds by using chat rules to route higher value customers to dedicated queues
  • Reduced customer contacts via telephone, email, or chat by nearly half—from 54 contacts per 10,000 website visits, to 28 contacts per 10,000 website visits—by enabling customers to self-serve to quickly and efficiently get the answers they need with intuitive FAQs
  • Achieved a 65% open rate for service emails—significantly reducing the number of customers calling or emailing when there is a change to a sporting fixture—saving time and money and improving customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased customer conversion rates by improving customer experience with proactive chat at critical contact points such as when a customer logs in, registers to play a game, deposits or withdraws money—ensuring that customers are offered relevant support when required
  • Delivered a tailored customer experience using multiple knowledge bases for international teams, drawing on frequently asked questions (FAQs) to meet the needs of customers for a range of online gaming products across 122 countries and in 16 different languages
  • Enabled customers to choose how to interact with William Hill, whether via the web, chat, telephone, email, and via desktop or mobile devices
  • Ensured that customers or agents can quickly access the answers they need with FAQs updated daily and arranged by language, product, relevance, most recently viewed, and in the case of Sportsbook—William Hill’s sports betting site—by individual sports
  • Improved proactive communications with customers when last-minute changes occur such as football matches rained off or horse races postponed, enabling William Hill to notify customers in bulk via targeted service emails
  • Improved age verification process efficiency by automating the process to check age, eliminating the need for agents to manually contact customers, saving time and ensuring that William Hill always meets age regulations for each country
  • Eliminated the need for customers to call or email when they have forgotten log-in details by automating a forgotten log-in process, improving customer experience and saving agent time and cost
  • Improved efficiency by consolidating and validating all customer information in a single account view, integrating with other systems such as payment handling systems, and presenting all relevant customer information for agents in a single window
  • Attended regular Oracle user groups to share experience and best practice with other Oracle Service Cloud customers, sharing knowledge both with Oracle and other customers and helping to drive product development
Published:January 1, 2018