WPS enhances app development and security with Oracle Cloud

The human resources consulting firm accelerated application development tenfold and boosted data security with Oracle APEX and Autonomous Database.


We chose Oracle Cloud because we wanted to have the peace of mind that our clients’ data is protected at all times.

Sutjipto BudimanDirector, Widya Presisi Solusi

Business challenges

Widya Presisi Solusi (WPS) is an Indonesia-based consulting company specializing in human resources software and payroll outsourcing. Its technology helps organizations implement payroll and employee self-service software, and provides software as a service.

The company needed a modern IT infrastructure with high availability, scalability, agility, and security to ensure its customers could access services without interruption.

Initially, WPS planned to build an employee self-service and payroll system for its customers in-house. But due to the nature of the industry, the system would require the highest levels of security to protect confidential client data. This would be a significant challenge for a relatively small team.

The company also considered building a data center but realized that the infrastructure costs would be too high, and that maintenance and database administration efforts would strain its IT resources.

Why Widya Presisi Solusi chose Oracle

WPS evaluated different cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure. It became clear that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offered more features and functionalities at a greater value, and allowed the company to capitalize on its existing Oracle technology investments.

In addition, Oracle Autonomous Database provided stronger and more robust security, with machine learning-based automations for encryption and risk management.


Oracle Autonomous Database gave WPS a lower total cost of ownership and eliminated administration complexities such as provisioning, tuning, autoscaling, and patching for high performance.

Meanwhile, using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided WPS with robust security that helped the company protect confidential customer data and improve performance, thereby increasing customer confidence and experiences.

WPS also found that the combination of Oracle APEX, a low code development platform, and Oracle Autonomous Database made building and deploying new app functionality significantly faster compared to other tools. Using OCI app development tools going forward, WPS will soon be able to extend its payroll services to mobile applications using Oracle Visual Builder.

Published:September 24, 2021