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Oracle Customer Success—Yapi Kredi Bank (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.)

Yapi Kredi Bank (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.)

Yapi Kredi Bank Provides Staff with More Targeted, Flexible, and 5x More Frequent Expert IT Training Courses Without Increasing Learning Budget


Oracle University’s Unlimited Learning Subscription gives us unlimited education when and where we need, and has transformed our training from cumbersome classroom courses into easy-access, job-relevant, flexible learning programs, so our IT team can continually improve the bank’s infrastructure.

— Mehmet Bekir Birden, Service and Data Warehouse Databases Manager, Yapi Kredi Bank

Yapi Kredi Bank (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş., YKB) is the fourth-largest private bank in Turkey with more than 13 million customers and over 1,000 branches across the country. YKB has been dedicated to delivering premium banking services since its establishment in 1944, and was the first to introduce consumer credit cards in 1991.
One of the 10 most valuable brands in Turkey, YKB has a strong culture of delivering customer-centric core banking services and value generation. YKB has consistently been recognized as the best bank in Turkey by various institutions, including prestigious publications such as The Banker and World Finance.
Business Challenge
  • Optimize training budget for a range of time-constrained IT staff with varying levels of experience—traditionally attending one external group training session per year focused on the bank’s most immediately critical IT topic—and enable more targeted job-specific IT training and certification to increase the in-house knowledge base
  • Enable the bank’s more experienced IT staff such as senior database administrators and IT design consultants to maintain and improve skills through a wide range of expert training courses delivered in Turkish language
  • Minimize external consultant costs and enable a faster return on investment in Oracle technologies by providing IT staff with up-to date knowledge on all Oracle products used during the course of their work, such as Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database, and Oracle WebLogic, in addition to new Oracle technologies that are being considered for implementation
  • Increase the value of the bank’s IT training by providing employees with a digital, flexible, continuous-learning training plan in line with individual career development to increase employee expertise and job satisfaction
  • Transformed employee learning by using Oracle University to provide a flexible, cost-efficient, and highly effective training program for 20 multi-disciplined and multi-level IT staff—using on-demand learning to ensure that each employee benefits from a wide range of job-specific training courses regardless of their technical competencies and job grade within the bank
  • Enabled employees to annually attend at least five specialist training courses targeted to their technical levels at a time of their choosing—an immense improvement over previous years where multiple staff simultaneously attended a single course per year, which was often too advanced for recent graduate hires, not progressive enough for senior consultants, and not critical or relevant enough for other participants
  • Used Oracle Unlimited Subscription to provide 24/7 unlimited access to Oracle Training On Demand and Oracle Learning Streams, enabling continuous learning from expert instructors to keep IT employees’ skills current through a range of database and application courses necessary for the performance of IT duties, in addition to elective courses on technological topics of interest
  • Saved money on IT training costs without compromising on quality, as an unlimited number of expert training courses can now be provided for the same cost as the more limited training program in the past, and employees can take additional courses or repeat courses as a refresher without needing approval or increasing training costs
  • Enabled employees to self-educate online at their own learning pace in an on-premises dedicated training room, minimizing the bank’s indirect costs and risks associated with off-premises training—such as employee downtime involving multiple staff members from the IT department simultaneously, and employee travel time and expenses
  • Expanded the range and depth of courses available for all levels of IT staff across a broad set of job functions and niche skillsets—for example, providing Oracle Database, Exadata, and Solaris administrators with training in Oracle applications and middleware to improve database performance, while also providing opportunities to explore the benefits of newer technology such as Oracle Database 12c to improve upgrade decisions
  • Increased employee satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty thanks to a clear learning and development program in line with the individual’s career progression and interests, enhancing employer branding while empowering the bank to remain competitive and technologically advanced
  • Enabled junior employees to rapidly develop value, improve specialist knowledge, and obtain recognized certifications, such as Oracle Certified Professional or Oracle Certified Associate, facilitating self-development and advancement within the company
  • Improved the bank’s in-house IT expertise and accelerated return on investment on Oracle technologies—for example by using digital training on Oracle GoldenGate to reduce dependency on expensive external consultants
  • Provided training in Turkish language to enable participants to easily absorb information and better focus on technical course material, rather than expending effort on translating the training content or understanding English-speaking instructors

Why They Chose Oracle

Yapi Kredi’s IT department needs constant education to maintain and improve knowledge and skillsets and ensure expert management of the bank’s critical IT infrastructure. With the previous external classroom-based training, it was not possible for the IT team to follow the technological evolution of Oracle products due to time constraints and budget limitations. To solve both these issues, Yapi Kredi selected Oracle Unlimited Learning Subscription.

Oracle’s unlimited subscription is the only learning solution that gives us expert Oracle training across a range of products when and where we need. There is simply no local training company that can deliver the flexibility and high level of training expertise we experience with Oracle University.

— Mehmet Bekir Birden, Service and Data Warehouse Databases Manager, Yapi Kredi Bank

About Yapi Kredi Bank (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.)


Istanbul, Turkey


More than 18,000

Annual Revenue

$1 to $5 Billion

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Nov 23, 2015