Yescom USA boosts data insights with Oracle Cloud

Global ecommerce company Yescom USA improves sales performance and customer experience with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud.


With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can safely and reliably store all business information on a unified data platform. In combination with Oracle Analytics Cloud, we can extend data analysis capabilities to sales, HR, supply chain, CX, logistics, and many other business areas.

Amy ChanGeneral Manager of China, Yescom USA

Business challenges

Yescom USA specializes in home outdoor, sporting goods, commercial tools, and beauty salons. In 20 years, the company has expanded its operations outside the US to Canada, the UK, Australia, and Japan by launching its products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, Wish, Houzz, and Catch.

Apart from its presence on third-party ecommerce sites, Yescom has an in-house end-to-end ecommerce operation that includes marketing, channel expansion, supply chain management, and customer service.

Today, the company is striving to provide its customers with high-quality products and services across the world.

But to accomplish that, it needed to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively analyze data and understand the needs of its customers. It also wanted to optimize various business operations to provide more suitable product offerings, better customer experience, gain supply chain visibility, and improve sales performance.

However, the company’s data was scattered across at least six major platforms, including various ecommerce platforms, Oracle’s NetSuite, warehouse management systems, advertising systems, independent stations, and logistics systems. Employees downloaded and processed data manually from each platform—a process that took more than three days.

Yescom needed a holistic picture of customer information from ecommerce platforms as well as from marketing platforms, warehousing, and logistics, to make better business decisions, improve sales performance, competitiveness, and customer experience.

Why Yescom USA Chose Oracle

Yescom depended on NetSuite for data reporting and processing. It was instrumental in generating reports in a timely manner, but it wasn’t able to seamlessly process data from three different data tables.

After evaluating Google Big Query and Tableau, the company realized Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud were the best fit.  Both negate the need to hire additional technical resources because they are intuitive and easy to use and would integrate seamlessly with NetSuite.


Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse was used to gather data from NetSuite, third-party ecommerce platforms, and financial systems to form a complete cross-platform market analysis. This was critical to understand sales and profits in different platforms, times, regions, and trends. Oracle’s autonomous cloud data warehouse shaved a huge chunk of manual labor, saving time and cost. It has automated more than 75% of the data processing and saved 20 staff days of manual reporting time per month.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, Yescom combined customer information with sales trends to course-correct and help head off any potential declines in sales performance. Now, business executives have data association and data drilling capabilities to help understand the reasons behind a set of data, increasing problem diagnosis by 50%.

A holistic view of website orders, third-party ecommerce platform orders, logistics information integration, and cost analysis helped optimize logistics costs.

Yescom also analyzed SKU net profit, advertising ROI, and conducted shopping basket analysis to optimize operations, save costs, and increase revenue. The SKU analysis helped determine opportunities and risks, and make informed decisions to support business operations.

Similarly, shopping basket analysis enabled Yescom to discover products with high upsell and cross-sell opportunities, gauged from historical orders to gain insight into customers’ needs.

Thanks to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud, which run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Yescom is able to elevate the performance of three departments at once: finance and sales, marketing, and supply chain.

Finance and sales departments can now control input and output, refined to the product level. They can discover business opportunities by breaking data down to multiple combinations of channels, customer types, and time period.

Published:June 18, 2021