Zurich furthers its digital strategy with Oracle Identity and Access Management

The insurance company improves identity and access management for employees, contractors, and suppliers using Oracle Identity and Access Management.


Business challenges

Zurich Insurance Group is a leading global insurance company that provides a range of property, casualty, and life insurance products and services in more than 210 countries and territories. Its customers include individuals, small businesses, midsize to large companies, and multinational corporations.

As part of its efforts to provide the most secure access for employees, contractors, and suppliers, Zurich has a continuing focus on its Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform. Its IAM goals include robust support, effective cost management, an efficient way for users to access the information and systems they need, and alignment with its overall digital strategy. 

A complex, three-step project was completed in about half the time of similar implementations with minimal disruption to the business.

Why Zurich Insurance Group chose Oracle

Zurich Insurance Group selected Oracle Identity and Access Management for its benefits including enhanced security, lower total cost of ownership, and a smoother IAM experience for users. With support from partner Accenture, the company could implement the platform in about half the time of similar projects.


After adopting Oracle Identity and Access Management, Zurich's employees, contractors, and suppliers gained easier and faster access to the information and systems they needed to serve customers around the world. The project included multiple environments, upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, and upgrading numerous connectors, including RACF and ACF2. 

With vendor support for the Oracle myAccess portal assured, the cloud-ready IAM offered simplified application onboarding, day-one account readiness for new hires, automated user lifecycle management, password management, an access request portal, and full reporting services. The company also benefited from rapidly onboarding out-of-the-box application features to the global governance platform, as opposed to using legacy frameworks.

Going forward, Zurich expects to reduce its cost of ownership, improve operational compliance, and allocate fewer resources to run the same functionality. In addition, running the latest cloud-ready version of Oracle myAccess will help Zurich benefit from defense in depth, from endpoint to infrastructure. Automation and artificial intelligence will also support the company in applying the principles of least privilege, with the intuitive nature of myAccess making life easier—and thus more productive—for administrators and employees. 


For the implementation, Zurich chose to work with Accenture, which has been acting as a provider of managed security and IAM services. Zurich appreciated Accenture's record of innovation in IAM, particularly in automation, and its expertise in cloud and digitization. 

Published:July 12, 2022