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Measuring connected TV and avoiding disinformation

Today’s digital advertising takes place across a growing array of media types and formats. To maximize campaign value and brand safety, you need to proactively avoid potentially false information and fake news environments. You also need a way of measuring who you’re reaching and how often each person is seeing an ad. Oracle’s latest advertising innovations give you the ability to accomplish both of these important goals.

Measure reach and frequency across linear and connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) is becoming a popular media advertising channel for modern marketers. The challenge is measuring whether your CTV ads are reaching relevant audiences at a reasonable frequency across all video campaigns, including digital video ads, in-app streaming ads, or even traditional linear TV commercials. With Oracle Moat’s connected TV measurement, you can now understand who your campaign reached (including incremental reach) as well as the frequency of your ads across the entirety of your video ad campaigns.

Oracle's Moat Measurement helps you understand the reach of your video ad campaigns and how frequently consumers see an ad.
Moat benchmarks provide average measurement results for each channel, now including Connected TV.

Cross-platform reach and frequency measurement for advertisers and publishers

Oracle Moat connected TV measurement provides a holistic picture of television and digital video ad performance across channels that advertisers and publishers can use to optimize campaigns.


  • Optimize your video campaigns to achieve your overall campaign reach goals.
  • Verify that your CTV ad campaigns are reaching your intended audience.
  • Understand how often ads are served to the same audience across CTV and traditional linear TV ad campaigns.
  • Save time by easily adding measurement pixels to creative assets across all channels and formats.
  • Compare campaign results against Oracle Moat’s CTV benchmarks to understand campaign performance relative to the aggregate results of all measured CTV campaigns.
  • Protect against fraud by ensuring your ads only reach a valid and human audience.


  • Assess combined reach, frequency, and audience composition to inform the pricing and packaging of your video inventory.
  • Use our CTV benchmarks to understand your performance relative to the aggregate results of all campaigns measured.
  • Avoid oversaturation and maximize campaign reach by controlling the frequency of ads to the same household.
  • Protect your reputation by ensuring your ads only reach a valid, human audience.

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Fight disinformation using Oracle Advertising and the Global Disinformation Index

Protect your brand and make sure you aren’t inadvertently funding disinformation or appearing alongside fake news environments. To combat disinformation, we’ve partnered with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a leading third-party provider of disinformation tracking, to help you identify sources of inventory with a higher rate of potentially false information and safeguard your brand.

Oracle Advertising has partnered with the GDI to identify sources of potentially false information.
The potentially false information metric helps you identify environments that may contain false or misleading information.

Our first-to-market partnership with GDI helps you avoid and measure potential brand safety issues:

Avoidance and protection

GDI’s risk rating analysis powers new brand safety solutions that help you avoid serving ads alongside content that may contain potentially false information.

Measurement and tracking

Using Oracle Moat, you can measure the entirety of your campaigns to understand which impressions could have been served in environments that contain potentially false information.

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