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Where digital advertising gets smarter

Successful digital advertising campaigns rely on reaching the right customers quickly and accurately. Learn how to do just that with our activation playbook, which includes a comprehensive overview of our curated Oracle Audiences, contextual targeting, and brand safety solutions.

Upgrade your advertising targeting toolkit in 2022

It may be time to reassess your media targeting strategy. Join the Winterberry Group and Omnicom Media Group to see how contextual targeting helps boost campaign performance.

Be prepared for the future of audience activation

Audience targeting is changing. Learn new ways to reach the audiences you care about most in this on-demand webinar.

Create better ad campaigns with contextual insights

Use contextual insights to improve your digital campaigns. Learn more about Oracle Contextual Intelligence in this guide.

How to drive conversions and campaign success with Oracle Activation

01Reach high-value prospects

Precise and accurate audience targeting lets you zero in on relevant buyers and convert them into customers.

02Safeguard your brand

Know that your campaigns are protected from unsafe content with our brand safety solutions.

03Make better campaign planning decisions

Use contextual insights and trends to discover trending topics and understand when customers engage with your content.

04Know who you are targeting

Launch successful ad campaigns leveraging our vast data sets that include lifestyle, transactions, and online behaviors.

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Context drives better ROI

Disneyland Paris reduced display CPA by 250% and had a 200 percent increase in conversions using Oracle Contextual Intelligence.

The future of advertising is here

Reach a larger portion of an audience using trending content

Learn how Oracle Predicts captures trending content while maintaining brand relevance.

Better navigate the ever-changing advertising industry

Cookie deprecation may be delayed, but the need for data privacy and transparency has not.

The evolution of brand safety

Understand how time-tested brand safety tactics are improving to help us better manage our increasingly complex landscape.

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