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Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat is an ad measurement and marketing analytics suite designed to help advertisers, publishers, and platforms measure media performance across the breadth of their digital and TV advertising campaigns.

Oracle Moat Measurement

Get inspired when creating ads

Use Oracle Moat Pro’s free ad search tool to locate a competitor’s digital creative across the web.

Expert guidance through the data ethics and brand safety landscape

Advertising and CX spotlight

Expert guidance through the data ethics and brand safety landscape

Vox Media is committed to getting the future of media right. At the recent Oracle Advertising Virtual Summit, Aaron Tabas, VP of content strategy and innovation, walks you through his recommendations and wishes for the advertising industry.

  • Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report of Oracle Moat Analytics

    Discover the benefits you can achieve—including improved budgeting efficiency, higher returns, cost avoidance/savings—by using Oracle Moat.

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  • Improve measurement across linear and connected TV Improve measurement across linear and connected TV

    Get a complete, cross-channel picture of CTV, linear TV, and digital video ad performance to optimize your advertising campaigns.

    Explore the offering

Run an in-game advertising campaign. Get the tips.

Explore Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat delivers solutions that are critical to measuring advertising effectiveness, including verification and attention, reach, and frequency as well as sales lift measurement.

Verification and attention measurement

Moat Analytics features pre- and post-bid solutions for brand safety, invalid traffic avoidance, and viewability. Advanced attention metrics reveal how consumers are engaging with your ads across channels and devices.

Real-time lift measurement

Moat Outcomes provides fast, easy access to ad effectiveness data, empowering you to make decisions while your campaign is still in-flight. Evaluate campaigns across all digital channels with both historical and real-time performance data to drive better performance.

Deduplicated reach and frequency for TV and digital

Moat Reach helps you eliminate waste and understand if your ads are reaching the intended audiences at the optimal frequency. Moat Reach gives you insights by using deduplicated impressions that link back to anonymized individuals and households.

Advertising and marketing intelligence

Gain real-time advertising and marketing intelligence with a comprehensive view into your competitors’ digital advertising strategy so you can launch differentiated ad campaigns. View their in-market creative and messaging going back three years. Discover what they are up to—and how you stack up.

Spotify expands measurement options with Oracle Moat Analytics

Spotify chose Moat because it was a leader in the video measurement space. We always want to provide a first-class experience for our listeners and advertisers. Moat was a great fit, and it still is.

— Rochelle Sanchirico, Spotify global director of SMB marketing


Oracle Moat customer successes

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Learn how brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms use Oracle Moat to transform their digital marketing intelligence capabilities. Click on the logos to learn more.

Featured benefits—Oracle Moat Measurement

Launch smarter campaigns that deliver intended outcomes

Optimize campaign results, maximize campaign budgets, and reduce the risk to brand reputation with a full suite of brand safety and measurement solutions.

Maximize the value of your programmatic and direct inventory

Publishers can discover and optimize the value of their audiences and inventory. Our suite of measurement solutions helps you tell better stories about the effectiveness of your inventory and audiences. Differentiate your offering and maximize the value of your media.

Build the credibility of your platform

Platforms can easily establish trust and credibility with advertisers and partners by verifying the value of their solutions with Oracle Moat’s independent measurement solutions.

Go beyond verification and measure what matters

Verify impression delivery in valid, viewable, and brand-safe environments. But don’t stop there. Better understand advertising effectiveness across all channels, measure reach and frequency, and use campaign analytics to see what drove offline lift. You’ll get the full story with Oracle Moat Measurement.

April 15, 2022

Oracle identifies new KissFraud context spoofing scheme attached to video piracy websites

Sam Mansour, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

One of the most dangerous forms of ad fraud is context spoofing (or content injection). This tactic is used by hackers to inject malicious content into a web application, delivering counterfeit content directed by the bad actor. So instead of IVT being attached to a system of botnets creating unsafe ad impressions, the invalid traffic is generated by humans. According to the Open Web Application Security Project, “The attack is typically used as, or in conjunction with, social engineering because the attack is exploiting a code-based vulnerability and user’s trust.” Continue reading to learn more about KissFraud, the latest context spoofing ad fraud scheme found by Oracle.

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