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Oracle Moat Outcomes

Make data-driven decisions about your ad spend and media strategy. With Oracle Moat Outcomes, you get a real-time view into campaign impact through sales lift analytics.

Oracle Moat Outcomes
How to evolve your ad measurement strategy Measure media to maximize your ad

Evolve your ad measurement strategy from baseline verification to attention metrics and cross-channel performance.

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How to measure consumer attention How to measure consumer attention

Use this step-by-step guide to measure consumer attention across display, mobile, video, and branded content.

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Explore Oracle Moat Outcomes

Know if your campaigns change consumer behavior and incrementally increase sales.

In-flight measurement and optimization

Use the industry’s fastest advertising measurement tool—one that provides reads as soon as three weeks after a campaign starts with frequent updates for both programmatic and walled garden campaigns. Use those insights to adjust campaigns while they are still in flight to maximize ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, you can personalize the measurement cadence to get in-flight reads, track progress, and adjust strategies accordingly.

Self-service user interface

Gain easy access to results and a digital repository for all in-flight and completed campaigns. Visual reporting makes insights easy to digest and interpret. You can easily export data and remove barriers to action.

Access topline and tactical campaign performance metrics, in real time, and compare them against KPIs that reflect business outcomes—sales or visits lift.

  • Sales lift measurement provides both product- and brand-level transaction data.
  • Visits lift measurement provides brand-level location data to measure which ad exposures resulted in visits to a physical location/storefront.

Effortless integrations

Activate Moat Reach in any environment where the Moat tag is accepted. You can export data into your existing dashboards and templates for better workflows. Moat Reach is built on key proprietary datasources that combine the validity and viewability standards from Moat Analytics with Oracle Advertising’s best-in-class identity and audience solutions.

Cross-campaign performance

See side-by-side campaign performance comparisons Identify trends and patterns across platforms, publishers, walled gardens, and channels—including social, display, and video—that reveal how your campaigns are driving business outcomes.

View individual campaigns as well as end-of-campaign summaries that highlight results and ROI, including:

  • Total incremental sales at the end of a campaign
  • Return on ad spend
  • Incremental revenue-per-thousand impressions

Ensure your campaigns are reaching desired audience segments

Moat Outcomes calculates top-line sales lift by using look-alike audiences that match the control group for every marker. We use all available data about each user and implement machine learning and modeling techniques to create look-alike audiences and control groups for comparison.

Moat Outcomes uses rigorous and comprehensive test–versus–control causal lift measurement methodologies for modeling to achieve the most accurate results possible. To eliminate waste and inefficiencies, we measure and test only advertising media that we have found to be delivered to valid (human) traffic in viewable placements.

Solutions for brands, publishers, and platforms

Brands and agencies

Spend smarter and launch campaigns with confidence. With Moat, you can reach real people, capture their attention, and fully measure campaign effectiveness.

Publishers and platforms

Maximize your inventory and drive more direct revenue from every impression. Reinforce the value of your audience, digital properties, and networks through trusted, independent measurement.

Make in-flight decisions about where to allocate your ad spend

Ensure that every dollar has a positive business impact. Quickly and easily access lift measurement data so you can see how advertising correlates with outcomes. View top-line lift in one dashboard, eliminating the need for disparate reports and the lengthy timelines associated with ad effectiveness measurement.

Understand how campaigns are driving sales and visits lift to best allocate dollars and increase ROI.

Export reports every two weeks to track progress and modify campaigns while they are still going on, instead of waiting until they end.

Evaluate campaigns across all digital channels—at top-line and tactical levels—for an accurate understanding of how to rebalance spending allocations.

Access historical campaign performance to inform current and future strategies.


Five disruptive ad fraud schemes that siphoned millions of dollars (and how we caught them)

Sam Mansour, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

More companies have been transitioning to digital environments so that workers can do their jobs from home. However, this shift that has been so beneficial to employees also increases the number of potential targets for criminal ad fraud. We are staying ahead of it by exposing sophisticated ad fraud schemes. Using advanced invalid traffic (IVT) detection capabilities, we lead the way in protecting the vulnerable, emerging-format connected TV (CTV). Let’s review how.

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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Moat Outcomes. You'll find these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.


Free training—Moat Measurement

Earn your Oracle Moat Measurement Explorer badge and gain a foundational understanding of Oracle Moat’s advertising measurement, analytics, and brand safety/suitability capabilities. The best part is that this training is free.

Best practices

Adtech 101

Adtech helps buyers (brands and agencies) optimize their budgets and sellers (publishers and platforms) maximize their revenue stream. The goal of adtech is to get better ad placements, deliver the right content to the right person, and reduce the amount of wasteful spending. It also provides comprehensive behavioral data that can be used to target better and measure campaign success.

About Moat

About Moat

Oracle Moat includes solutions for ad verification, attention, brand safety, advertising effectiveness, and cross-platform reach and frequency. Our goal is to ensure every impression drives value, which we do by providing access to hundreds of metrics so you can understand ad performance and keep pace with the changing digital and TV advertising landscape.

Moat is part of Oracle Advertising, a set of adtech solutions designed to serve the needs of marketers and media professionals. From planning and activation to measurement and insights, Oracle Advertising provides brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms with the tools they need to advertise in ways that get results.

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