Measure media with total confidence

Maximizing ad spend and digital performance starts with measurement you can trust. Oracle Moat makes this possible for brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms. Get our latest guide for tips on evolving your measurement strategy from baseline verification to attention metrics and cross-channel performance.

Oracle Moat wins at Adweek Oracle Moat wins three Adweek 2021 Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Partner awards

Adweek readers voted for Oracle Moat to receive top honors in three adtech categories: Brand Safety, Measurement and Analytics, and Fraud Prevention.

Unlock new opportunities with brand safety & suitability

Watch our on-demand webinar with The Telegraph to learn how to improve media campaign performance by applying verification and optimization measurement strategies to contextual advertising.

Benefits of using Oracle Moat for measurement

01Eliminate waste and maximize spend

Launch campaigns confidently with ad verification you can trust. Verify impression delivery in brand-safe, valid, and viewable environments.

02Capture consumer attention

Optimize campaigns for engagement with metrics that reveal how consumers pay attention to ads across display, mobile, video, and branded content.

03Measure reach from digital to TV

Get a unified view—across digital and TV—of the number of people and households your campaign reached and at what frequency.

04Measure ROI in-flight

Increase ROI and better allocate ad spend with confidence by understanding how campaigns drive sales and increased visits.

05Sell more inventory

Publishers can increase revenue by optimizing their inventory with metrics that reveal the value of their audiences and assets.

06Build trust and credibility

Platforms can establish trust with advertisers and partners by verifying the value of their networks with independent measurement.

Etisalat logo

Strengthening Etisalat’s online advertising performance

Learn how multinational telecommunications brand Etisalat reduced their invalid traffic by 36% and increased their brand safety rate to 98.5% through a trusted partnership with their agency, Initiative, and Oracle Moat.

Get actionable measurement tools

New Media benchmarks: See how your campaigns stack up

Compare the health of your digital media to industry benchmarks across invalid traffic, viewability, and attention measurement.

Infographic: 5 best practices for results-driven ad measurement

Campaign success starts with measuring what matters to your brand. Follow these tips for more effective media measurement.

Go beyond baseline verification: How to measure consumer attention

Learn about consumer attention in digital media and how to measure it across display, mobile, video, and branded content.