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What is Viewability? What is Attention?

Understand and learn about viewability and attention and why these metrics are important in digital advertising measurement.

What is viewability?

Viewability is a digital advertising metric referring to ad impressions that meet minimum standards of time on screen, ensuring they are noticed by consumers. Standardized by Media Rating Council, the baseline for a display ad to be considered as "viewable", is if 50% of the ad creative is visible for at least one second in the viewable space of the browser.

In an era of bots and ad blockers, viewability is important for advertisers to determine the rate at which their ads are getting in front of an actual human, allowing them to optimize for true effectiveness instead of misleading inflated numbers.

What is attention?

Attention in digital advertising refers to the ability of an ad or campaign to successfully engage a user. Moat by Oracle Data Cloud believes attention is about more than just the click or the view—it's about the interaction, visibility, the length of time, and the environment.

Track attention in all its forms
Track attention in all its forms

Blog: How to measure consumer attention and why it matters

The guidelines for ad verification give marketers a benchmark to measure their campaigns against, with standardized targets for validity, viewability, and brand safety. But think of verification as solving half of the equation—it gives the ad a chance to succeed. It ensures the ad is in play, with a relevant audience and with an opportunity to drive action. The other half is measuring what happens next, once the ad is served, to determine its true impact.

Learn how to measure consumer attention in digital advertising by going beyond verification. Discover what it means to measure consumer attention, and why it matters.

Webinar: Explore the new frontier of digital measurement

Watch our webinar to gain insights into how to move to the next level of digital measurement and go beyond clicks and impressions. You'll find out:

  • The challenges digital marketers face in measuring attention
  • What ad fraud issues are emerging and how to manage them
  • How to go beyond antiquated metrics and carve out a new paradigm for measurement

Blog: How to measure consumer attention on mobile

Audience attention is most fragmented in mobile environments, which means a brand message has to work hard to make an impact. Learn how to use the following metrics on to measure attention on mobile:

  • Active Page Dwell Time
  • In-View Time
  • Touch Rate

Measuring attention best practices

By connecting digital campaigns to signals that indicate measurable impact, marketers can discover how attention becomes an instrumental outcome. Even further, attention signals have the potential to fill gaps and complement other data sets used to evaluate success.

Video: How can advertisers go beyond ad verification?

In today's digital landscape ad verification is now table stakes. Advertisers will need much more sophisticated measurement to drive better business outcomes. Rob Tarkoff, EVP Oracle CX and Data Cloud discusses what organizations need to do to capture consumer attention and measure advertising effectiveness.