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Product Tour—DataFox Data Management

Prioritize accounts and close sales deals faster

Oracle DataFox product tour

Welcome to Oracle DataFox Data Management

Deliver a personalized customer experience (CX) using robust and trusted company data. Enrich customer records with more than 70 firmographic data points and 68 types of real-time signals to confidently profile and segment your customer base and expand your addressable market.

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Firmographic data in DataFox

Use high-quality, AI-augmented firmographic data

Oracle DataFox uses machine learning algorithms and human validation to maintain the highest level of data accuracy and integrity. It scans millions of company websites and unstructured text across thousands of sources using natural language processing to create data points, including financial information, corporate hierarchies, technographic data, keywords, and much more.

Data signals in DataFox

Use real-time signal data for a real-world advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging 68 different types of real-time signals for in-the-moment intelligence. Act immediately when a new opportunity or account enters your market. In addition, you can use these signals to personalize your marketing and sales outreach in a timely fashion to increase the effectiveness of your communications.

Know your accounts better with data

Gain insights into your accounts

Leverage ideal customer profile modeling to understand the makeup of your best accounts and what they have in common. Use these insights to find and prioritize similar companies and expand your target audience.

Explore Oracle DataFox Data Management

Account scoring and targeting with DataFox

Score accounts for potential target companies

Quantify the opportunity size at a company level so your marketing and sales team can spend their valuable time on the best and most profitable opportunities. Assign weights to your inputs/criteria so your teams can universally align on the best-fit opportunities for account-based marketing efforts and high-touch sales outreach.

Prioritize target campaigns

Identify and focus on the right accounts

Close deals faster and boost revenue by focusing on accounts with the highest potential to close. Identify where to allocate your team's time and effort to increase lead quality and reduce friction throughout the marketing and sales funnel.

Grow customer base with DataFox

Improve revenue opportunities by expanding your customer base

Grow the number of account leads and expand your market by leveraging a larger prospect base. Find new prospects in the DataFox database based on your previously-determined ideal customer profile and pull them directly into your CRM system for future targeting.

Get a full customer 360 view

Always know your customers

Monitor changes to your target accounts in real time and be notified immediately when an account hits a relevant milestone.

Be the first to engage with an account and implement trigger-based marketing campaigns based on real-time changes. Have more relevant conversations with customers and prospects based on real-time intelligence.

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Understand customers and prospects

Better understand your market

Reach out to prospects and customers with smart AI-generated talking points and relevant offers that are timely and personalized to their changing business needs thanks to event-triggered segmentations.

DataFox API and integrations

Leverage prebuilt integrations

Access core business data through prebuilt integrations or leverage the DataFox API to power your custom workflows. A Google Chrome extension is also available, making DataFox data available directly within your web browser.

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