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Oracle Digital Experience for Communications

Transform your customer experience by engaging with consumers the way that they want to interact. Accelerate your digital transformation for the 5G era by subscribing to a complete SaaS platform. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications offers smart, innovative, and personalized digital experiences with a solution architecture that maximizes business and IT agility. Enable quick business innovation without requiring massive IT disruptions and become the data-driven, connected, and agile digital service provider (DSP) that your customers rely on.

Discover what Oracle Digital Experience for Communications can do for your business.

Explore Digital Experience for Communications

Innovate, engage, and transform for the Experience Economy

Launch innovations to market faster, provide highly personalized offers to customers at their moments of need, enable omnichannel buying experiences, and deliver intelligent service via the customer’s preferred channel.

Intuitive experiences

Make it effortless for customers, employees, and partners to discover and engage with your products and services via their channel of choice. Design and shape experiences to reflect your brand without being constrained by underlying IT systems.

Complete solutions delivered as SaaS services

Deploy solutions for new products and offer launch, commerce, and customer support by easily subscribing to relevant services. Prebuilt solutions give you end-to-end capabilities tailored to run your business, help you get to market quickly, and allow you to avoid risks and costs associated with deployments.

Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Built on an Open Digital Architecture (ODA) framework with TM Forum standards, we make it easy to plug and play with legacy IT and third-party applications. Innovate rapidly, whether business or IT, by decoupling systems of engagement from traditional systems of record.

Launch innovations faster without depending on IT for help

Use real-time customer insights to create new, revise existing, and retire old offers with a centralized design-time experience. Launch new products and offers to market quickly with an easy-to-use, intuitive design interface built specifically for business users—such as product and marketing managers—while reducing product proliferation. Deliver customer-centric innovations to market quickly and capture greater revenue and margins.

Offer creation

Simplify the process to rapidly create relevant offers and bundles by defining core and noncore products, flexible bundles and components, pricing, terms, and eligibility rules in one intuitive business-user interface. Improve the design-time experience with a modern, guided, business-persona–friendly UX.

Offer 360

View, monitor, and manage all offers in the Offer 360 dashboard. Monitor the lifecycle stage and performance of offers. Whether you create new, clone existing, retire, or modify any offers at any stage, you are prepared to meet customer demand—all from one location.

One-click offer publish

Improve campaign time to market with one-click release and publishing. With prebuilt integrations to sales, commerce, provisioning, billing catalogs, and more, newly launched offers get automatically propagated without IT involvement.

Accelerate customer acquisition through digital channels

Accelerate business growth and brand loyalty with an integrated portfolio of digital marketing solutions that help B2C and B2B marketers use real-time intelligence and customer signals to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences.

Enrich and unify your customer data

Connect customer behaviors, transactions, and demographics across marketing, sales, service, and your OSS/BSS applications to create great experiences for each individual and company. Create a unique customer ID across all data—structured and unstructured—and personalize experiences to that unique customer.

Real-time customer intelligence

Leverage clean data, apply intelligence at scale, and use insights to deliver personalized experiences in real time. Leverage the embedded AI and machine learning capabilities to discover new customer segments to target.

Omnichannel digital marketing

Empower marketers to leverage their intuition and creativity to orchestrate superb B2C and B2B campaigns and personalized customer experiences. Run omnichannel campaigns from one solution and continuously nurture prospects as they traverse multiple channels, whether digital or physical.

Deliver a personalized and consistent buying experience across channels

Reach out to your target customer using personalized, consistent, and continuous cross-channel experiences to grow your revenue quickly, improve your offer acceptance rate, sell higher-value products, and more.

Unified sales catalog

Oracle offers behavior- and profile-driven personalization, highly relevant product recommendations, an omnichannel commerce catalog, and a persistent shopping cart that stays with your customers as they navigate different channels. Consumers can start buying on one channel and continue on another to complete the purchase without losing context or repeating information.

Infinitely flexible bundles

Engage your customers with offers and bundles (Simple, Family, N-Play Offers, etc.), intelligent offer recommendations, flexible pricing and promotions, and subscription agreements—all tailored to meet customers’ individual needs.

Fully integrated, omnichannel commerce

Deliver a consistent experience for your customers by giving your agents a single 360-degree view of relevant customer data across channels. Benefit from our integrated lead-to-quote-to-order and MACD capabilities with modern intuitive interfaces for both customer self-service and employee use. Increase share of wallet with asset-based configuration capabilities that can tailor products and services to each customer’s needs.

Subscription lifecycle management

Sell products and services as one-time purchases, subscriptions based on consumption, or a combination of these. Make easy changes to subscription plans and activate them instantly with integrated fulfillment, billing, invoicing, payments, and accounting processes.

Resolve issues faster, increase customer satisfaction

Deliver on your customer service goals and exceed customer expectations using an intelligent, data-driven approach to care. Leverage data to predict support issues and provide comprehensive care to your customers without redirecting them to different channels and agents. Create positive customer engagements, reduce cost of service, and turn service engagements into upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

Full-range 360-degree digital service

Deliver full self-service customer care across billing, orders, offers, and subscriptions via omnichannel interactions on your website, digital assistants, mobile apps, and more. Advanced knowledge helps capture and disseminate accurate information from a single repository, eliminating conflicts. Resolve complex support issues quickly and efficiently providing specific solution guidance for each customer with our Intelligent Advisor.

Smart agent desktop

Help your agents respond quickly and intelligently with highly relevant and personalized information and guidance. Equip your agents with a comprehensive customer 360 dashboard that aggregates relevant customer information from sales catalog, billing, order management, payments, and other systems. The smart, context-aware dashboard can dynamically push relevant information to agents based on the customer’s service need and provide AI-powered next-best-action recommendations.

Subscription care

Empower your customers to be self-sufficient by providing assisted and unassisted channels for customers to manage the full lifecycle of their subscription, including moves, adds, deletes, and more.

Upsell and cross-sell while providing care

Enable your support agents to make highly relevant offers to customers based on their interests, asset and service information, demographics, household information, and more. Execute new orders for relevant cross-sell opportunities or upsell to add to existing services, effortlessly.

Field service management

Manage your mobile workforce using AI scheduling and machine learning to quickly adapt to schedule changes, street-level routing updates, and customer needs. Centralize your field operations and allow your agents to communicate with teammates to get the job done efficiently while in the field.

Orchestrate the order and fulfill it efficiently

Support orchestration of orders in the back office that contain physical goods, as well as services and technical orders with this market-leading OSS. Deliver a high degree of order automation and operational scale to process very large volumes of customer orders accurately with the low processing latency critical for digital services.

Automated customer order orchestration

Dynamically orchestrate customer orders quickly with model-driven fulfillment flows.

Order status transparency

Get full visibility of order status and updates in assisted and customer self-care channels. Aggregate status from multiple fulfillment providers to a single consolidated view of the entire order. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications offers you comprehensive capabilities including order status, status context, milestone, point of no return, expected delivery date, actual delivery date, and change order management.

In-flight order change management

Handle customer changes to in-flight orders efficiently. Eliminate errors, such as the unnecessary fulfillment of revised orders. Provide enhanced customer experience with reduced order fallout.

End-to-end revenue management solution for monetizing business models

Fuel disruptive innovation, brand differentiation, and transformation with business-model—agnostic convergent charging and revenue management designed for the connected digital world. Lay the ground work for 5G by ensuring you have the flexibility and breadth of capabilities to monetize any business model at scale using the agility and efficiency of cloud infrastructure with a DevOps-aligned, multiservice architecture.

Real-time charging and balances

Charge for service usage and provide balance information in real time and at massive scale. Authorize transactions for digital services customers, providing them with a superior experience. The solution is highly scalable and delivers cutting-edge resiliency across charging clusters, processes, and datastores.

Support any business model

Rate any metric, attribute, and combination of payment options. Innovate faster by launching digital offers with design-time flexibility. The TM Forum-certified pricing UI is designed for the business user with intuitive, web-based navigation workflows.

Integrated with buy and care

Quickly access relevant customer billing data, such as balances and recent invoices, to customer-support-assisted and self-service channels. Customers can quickly address their billing issues through self-service or a single contact with an agent.

Increase business agility and lower IT costs with an open industry architecture

Deliver omnichannel, digital-first, and contextual experiences while lowering IT costs and risk. Oracle CX supports TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and open APIs, making it easy for you to rapidly deploy new services while maintaining interoperability with existing systems.

Decouple experience and IT

Industry standard interfaces, APIs, and data models enable decoupling of systems of engagement from systems of record, lowering digital transformation risk and cost while maximizing the value of your existing IT investments. Introduce innovations to the market faster and enable more deliberate transformation of underlying mission-critical systems.

Experience first

Deliver leading employee and customer experiences by leveraging Oracle’s next-generation, AI-driven Redwood user experience and use open APIs to deliver the complete solution capabilities within your own experiences.

Adaptive data mastering

Maintain customer data quality and consistency across your existing and Digital Experience for Communications applications. Optimize business performance with distributed subscription mastering protocol. Focus on innovating with an orderly and reliable change management lifecycle.

Real-time events

Stay agile with event-driven data propagation across applications, including business intelligence, using an industry standard model for customer events. Respond to key customer events in real time to drive highly contextual user engagements.

Key benefits

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