Cross-channel marketing: How DSW creates connected B2C experiences

Reimagining Consumer Cross-Channel Experiences with DSW and Oracle Marketing

In the Experience Economy, consumers expect marketing experiences to do more than nudge them toward purchase. In this webinar, hear how DSW uses Oracle Marketing to win and retain customers by pinpointing intent, responding to micromoments, and delivering excellent experiences across every channel.

Exceed expectations in the Experience Economy with Oracle Marketing

Maximize campaign efficiency with Oracle Responsys

Optimized cross-channel marketing campaigns require tools that can produce more campaigns in less time. Achieve more without stretching resources using advanced artificial intelligence in Oracle Responsys.
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Engage customers in the moments that matter

Consumers switch rapidly between channels and buying options, leaving a slim window to catch their attention. See how real-time personalization can elevate you above the competition and drive more sales.
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Build best-in-class experiences in B2C marketing

The most powerful way to differentiate your business in today’s marketplace is by delivering meaningful cross-channel experiences. Learn how to achieve CX excellence and attract loyal customers in this blog post.
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Streamline your cross-channel marketing campaign strategy

Learn how to win more customers with personalized cross-channel experiences using this guide.
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B2C marketing solution brochure

Learn how to build intuitive, sophisticated customer experiences with Oracle Marketing.

Oracle Responsys product tour

See the features of our best-in-class solution for cross-channel experiences.

Watch the DSW and Oracle Marketing webinar.

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management

Learn how efficient campaign management advances productivity and results.

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