On-demand webinar: Engagement and loyalty marketing

Elevating Customer Experiences with Vitamix and Oracle CrowdTwist

When 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers, building deeper customer relationships is critical. In this previously recorded webinar, Vitamix shared how they leverage Oracle CrowdTwist to power a loyalty program that engages their top customers.

The key to customer retention

  • Drive brand loyalty

    Research tells us that 62% of consumers choose one brand over another due to the presence of a loyalty program. Stand out from the competition with this brand loyalty guide for marketers.

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  • Create compelling customer experiences

    Customer loyalty is shifting to brands that deliver meaningful customer experiences. In fact, 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decisions. Learn how data can help you reach customers in their most influenceable moments.

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  • Leverage customer loyalty program data

    Multichannel loyalty programs allow brands to source data across all channels to personalize the customer journey.

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  • Make marketing magic happen

    See how Ruth Walker, vice president of CRM at The Walt Disney Studios, used Oracle CrowdTwist to transform the Disney Movie Insiders program and reward members just for being movie fans.

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The key to customer retention