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Optimize field service management scheduling and routing

Provide an outstanding customer experience (CX) and optimize resource utilization, while reducing costs. Oracle Field Service Routing is the industry’s only time-based, self-learning, and predictive routing and scheduling engine.

Get the right field employees to the right jobs at the right time—every time. Increase on-time arrivals, taking into account your employees’ unique skill sets, best-practice processes and procedures, completion time, travel time, inventory/trunk stock, and more.

Field Service Management screenshot
Figure 1: Automatically assign the right job to the right person, creating optimized schedules and highly efficient routes that satisfy customer requirements and reduce costs.

Key benefits of field service scheduling and routing

  • Optimize employee job allocation based on individual performance
  • Reduce costs with shorter drive times, less overtime, and fewer missed appointments
  • Easily adjust route configurations, producing routes that meet specific business objectives
  • Meet service-level agreement (SLA) thresholds and improve customer satisfaction by sending the right employee with the right skillsets to the right job
  • Improve productivity and accelerate business with the fastest routing engine in the industry (10,000 appointments scheduled to 1,000 field technicians in four minutes)

Self-learning, time-based field service routing technology

Increase on-time arrivals, reduce distance driven, eliminate unnecessary truck rolls, and vehicle wear and tear with Oracle Field Service Routing. Create a single routing plan for your entire field service operation or take advantage of many customized plans with different business rules. Field Service Routing helps you gain the highest in customer satisfaction ratings by providing the speed, flexibility, and accuracy needed to increase job completion rates, reduce the number of return trips, and eliminate job cancellations.

While traditional systems use dated information that cannot support your need to pivot and change on a dime, Oracle Field Service Routing is supported by foundational technology that collects time-based measurements about everything that happens in the field. This technology learns—and keeps learning—how each employee manages and completes work. These measurements are used to create a “work fingerprint” that recognizes each field employee’s unique skill set and availability, and then determines the best employee for every job. Field Service Routing then predicts—with 98 percent accuracy—when a field event will occur, and how long it will take to complete that job.

If there’s an emergency or other event that requires immediate attention, Field Service Routing can accommodate it. In the event of a safety hazard or other designated immediate action event, the system locates the nearest qualified field employee, suspends that employee’s current activity, and routes the worker to the location. It all happens automatically—without human intervention—saving valuable time.

Because Oracle Field Service Routing technology is self-learning, it considers every job in terms of the historical completion times including important variables, such as drive time, work time, and breaks. This analysis provides the most complete picture of operational reality and then uses that reality to personalize each field service employee’s workday. It is this foundational data-driven, self-learning, time-based solution that optimizes routes and schedules to deliver greater efficiency.

Key scheduling and routing features of Oracle Field Service

  • Time-based, predictive, self-learning routing engine powered by a genetic algorithm
  • Job assignments based on service-level agreements, skills, location, availability, individual performance patterns, and more
  • Automatic routing of resources to an urgent work assignment, without human intervention
  • On-demand filters for job reassignment
  • Schedule re-optimization throughout the workday
  • Simultaneous routing plans for different parts of the organization supported
  • Routing visualizations for displaying and comparing multiple plan

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