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Accurately determine travel times and improve fuel efficiency

Traffic has a major impact on the time it takes a field service worker to travel to a work site. But it’s not the only factor. Road conditions, new stop signs/traffic lights, recent construction, and unknown one-way streets are just a few of the other things that can get in the way of your workers’ on-time arrival. Street-level routing in Oracle Field Service takes all these variables into consideration, further enhancing the industry’s most powerful and configurable routing/scheduling engine.

Accurately determine travel times and improve fuel efficiency with optimized, scalable street-level routing
Figure 1: Get your field service teams to where they need to be with point-to-point drive time calculations and turn-by-turn directions.

Key benefits: Street-Level Routing for Field Service

  • Combines Oracle Field Service’s powerful scheduling and routing engine with street-level routing for accurate travel time calculations and optimized field service management
  • Helps large field service organizations improve fuel efficiency and minimize their carbon footprint
  • Accurately determines travel times using point-to-point drive time calculations
  • Considers a variety of factors, such as one-way streets, stop signs, one-lane roads, and recent construction
  • Scales to grow as business needs change

Get your field team to the right place—at the right time

Using street-level routing, Oracle Field Service accurately determines travel times by incorporating point-to-point drive time calculations with turn-by-turn directions.*

Street-Level Routing goes beyond grid-based technology, which lacks the granularity and accuracy for predicting travel times, resulting in lost field productivity and wasted fuel. One-way streets, stop signs, one-lane roads, recent construction, and other traffic variables—are all factored in to give you the most accurate results, while leveraging Oracle Field Service’s powerful field service scheduling and routing engine.

Oracle Field Service only uses street-level routing when needed, which is extremely important when scheduling thousands of jobs. This combination of a time-based/street-level routing optimization approach is unique to Oracle Field Service, offering a completely configurable and scalable solution for organizations of all sizes.

Oracle Field Service fully supports any combination of predictive travel, real-time traffic updates, and street-level routing options.

Key features: Street-Level Routing in Field Service

  • Use travel data from your map provider to get field workers to locations quickly and efficiently
  • Improve the accuracy of estimated and predicted travel times
  • Combine time-based and street-level routing (unique to Oracle Field Service) capabilities to offer exceptional customer experiences

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*NOTE: Field Service Street-Level Routing will vary based on the map provider used and the availability of data.