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Protect your ad spend with sophisticated invalid traffic detection and make sure that your ad impressions are both valuable and viewable.

What is Ad Fraud?

Learn about invalid traffic (IVT), ad fraud, and how to protect your ad spend and ensure your advertising impressions are valuable and viewable.

What is invalid traffic (IVT)?

Invalid traffic is the technical term for advertising impressions generated by bots or any form of nonhuman traffic. IVT is often conflated with ad fraud, but not all invalid traffic is malicious. Still, detecting all forms of IVT is essential to protecting ad spend and ensuring impressions are valid and viewable.

In an effort to help advertisers guard against IVT, the Media Rating Council (MRC) launched the IVT accreditation in 2015 to help prove the effectiveness of measurement providers on IVT for desktop, mobile, web, video, and in-app mobile. There are two mutually exclusive categories:

General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)
Definition Identified through routine means of filtration executed through application of lists, or with other standardized parameter checks. Difficult-to-detect situations that require advanced analytics, multipoint corroboration/coordination, or significant human intervention to analyze and identify.
  • Known data center traffic
  • Bots, spiders, and other crawlers
  • Activity-based filtration
  • Nonbrowser user-agent headers or unknown browsers
  • Prefetch or browser-prerendered traffic (unless never counted as a gross impression)
  • Bots and crawlers pretending to be legitimate users
  • Hijacked devices and user sessions
  • Invalid proxy traffic
  • Adware and malware
  • Incentivized manipulation of measurements
  • Falsely represented sites and ads
  • Cookie stuffing
  • Manipulation or falsification of location data

What is ad fraud?

Ad fraud is the practice of fraudulently representing online advertisement impressions, clicks, conversion, or data events in order to generate revenue. Fraud in digital advertising is a subset of invalid traffic.

Over the past several years, there have been numerous sophisticated and far-reaching ad fraud schemes that have focused on spoofing websites and driving bot traffic to cash in. With names such as DrainerBot, Hyphbot, and 3ve, these operations cost advertisers and publishers real money.

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It's imperative to protect your ad spend in times of uncertainty. Learn how as Sam Mansour, principal product manager at Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, walks through:

  • The different levels of IVT sophistication and how to spot it
  • Why accurate and complete IVT detection is important
  • A recent bot network discovery case study

Protect your spend with sophisticated invalid traffic detection

The Association of National Advertisers estimates $5.8 billion in ad spend was lost to global fraud in 2019. With Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, media buyers and sellers can protect their digital investments with confidence. Moat's MRC-accredited offerings won the Adweek "Readers' Choice: Best of Tech" Award for Best Brand Safety/Verification Solution in 2019.