Applications Benchmarks

Metrics for Performance Evaluation of Oracle Applications

Performance is of critical importance to Oracle Applications customers, and Oracle is committed to ensuring that Oracle Applications perform to exceptional standards. With the introduction of the standard version of the Oracle Applications Benchmark, Oracle makes a long-term public commitment to measuring and characterizing the performance of Oracle Applications.


The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark is a comparable standard workload which demonstrates the performance and scalability of Oracle Applications and provides metrics for the comparison of Oracle Applications performance on different system configurations.

Benchmark Components

There are two main components of the Oracle Application Standard Benchmark: online and batch. The online component exercises the common UI flows which are most frequently used by most of our customers. The batch flow consist of the Order Management and Payroll Processes.

For the eBS R12 benchmark, performance comparison(s) between benchmark kits of different sizes such as small, medium and large is not encouraged. By the same token, for a benchmark kit of the same size, it is discouraged to compare results from a Single Instance on one platform with the results from a RAC installation on another platform.

Audit Process and Publication of Results

  • Benchmarks can only be executed on supported versions or combinations of Oracle and ‘partner’ software products and hardware products.
  • Metrics reported for online benchmark are "user count" and "average response time". Similarly, for batch the key metric is "throughput".
  • Detailed information is provided on the hardware and software configuration used.
  • Benchmark results are validated through a formal auditing process.
  • Disclosure reports of validated benchmark results are published here, on the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark web site.

Benchmark Council

The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark Council is made up of representatives from various hardware companies, Oracle Product Development, and Oracle Product Line groups. Members have access to the latest marketing and technical information related to the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark. For more information, please send e-mail to

Oracle Applications Benchmark (R 12.1.3 and later) uses Oracle Applications Testing Suite (OATS)

Oracle Applications Benchmark (all prior to R 12.1.3) uses Hewlett-Packard's LoadRunner (PDF)