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The Modern Business Talks - Human Resources

The Modern Business Talks

Live and on-demand webinars on how to digitize your business.

Human Resources Webinars

Your role requires you to be a workforce strategist, organisational and performance conductor, service delivery owner, compliance and governance regulator, and more. These webinars can help you meet and exceed your ever-evolving responsibilities.

Managing Talent in a Digital Disruption Era

Overcome the challenges brought about by fast-paced changes in business to increase your productivity, innovation and profits, taking advantage of the social revolution to engage with employees and customers alike.

Demystifying the HR Business Partner Role

Looking to improve your overall business processes? Discover how Oracle provides the technology you need to transform performance and talent management, leadership development, and more.

Engaging and Effective Training: Motivating Your Employees to Learn [Polish]

Avoid the pitfalls of traditional training – which employees often treat as a chore, an opportunity to relax, or even a punishment – and get better feedback on your offering. This is the first step to creating a modern solution that will make your workforce want to learn.

Can the Experience of Hundreds of Employees Be Transformed in Just a Few Weeks? Yes – Here’s How! [Polish]

Find out why it’s just as important to meet the ever-evolving expectations of your staff as it is to satisfy your customers. Then, transform the way you manage your people quickly and effectively with Oracle – finding, hiring, engaging and retaining the best talent.

How Do You Effectively Involve Your Employees? [Polish]

Embrace the evolution of internet-based technologies, mobile devices and consumer habits to provide the best possible experience for your employees… motivating and inspiring them to pass on this exceptional service to your customers.

Have Your Recruiting Costs Increased? Make the Most of Your Investment! [Polish]

Maximise your investment in recruitment, bring out the best in your top talent and retain your most valuable hires. In this session, you’ll discover how to empower your staff with the social, mobile, digital experiences they’ve come to expect as modern consumers.

How to Make Life Easier for Recruiters: The Role of Social Networking in Modern Recruitment [Polish]

Start thinking social when you’re seeking, hiring, developing and retaining staff – and recruit the workforce of tomorrow today. Learn how to find and keep the talent your business needs using modern social tools in this Oracle Poland experience.

Modern HR in the Cloud: Is Your HR Management System Attracting a Modern Workforce? [Romanian]

Claim your role as a true strategic partner in your organisation. It all begins with creating employee experiences that serve your customers and your business. And that starts with the use of personalised, social, insightful and lifecycle-encompassing tools.

Effective Use of Information Solutions for HR [Polish]

Want to know how modern HR departments support their decision-making processes? This webinar will teach you how to deliver accurate, real-time information; how to effectively measure key performance indicators; and how to broaden your analysis of HR information across your entire enterprise.

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