Departmental Data Warehouse

Oracle Departmental Data Warehouse is a complete, self-service data analytics solution enabling business teams to get the deep, trustworthy, data-driven insights they need to make quick decisions. The governed, secure solution reduces risks while increasing both IT and analysts' productivity.

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Why Departmental Data Warehouse by Oracle?

  • Self-service, governed, and secure to meet business and IT needs

    With a self-service solution, business users independently load, transform data, build business models, and automatically discover insights powered by machine learning. IT reduces risks with a governed and secure solution. IT teams can additionally rely on a simple, reliable, and repeatable approach for all data analytics requests from business departments.

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  • Automation uniquely simplifies operations and boosts productivity

    Oracle Autonomous Database intelligently automates provisioning, configuring, securing, patching, backing up, performance tuning and repairing of a data warehouse. This reduces administration effort by up to 90%, enabling business teams to operate independently while freeing up valuable resources for IT teams.

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  • All-in-one solution with comprehensive suite of built-in tools

    Customers can uniquely combine all necessary data across different sources and formats in a single converged database to drive secure collaboration around a single source of truth. Analysts can use graph, spatial analytics, build machine learning models, and create new applications themselves with no/low code built-in tools. Nothing more to purchase, install, and integrate.

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  • Elastic autoscaling for consistent high performance and cost savings

    Any number of concurrent users can benefit from consistent, high query performance, even at peak times. Unlike other cloud services, Oracle Autonomous Database scales while the service continues to run and can do so automatically to maintain performance. Compute resources can conversely be reduced or shut down during more quiet periods to reduce customers’ costs. All with no or minimal intervention from IT.

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Departmental data warehouse use cases

Empower business users across departments

Enable business users in finance, HR, or marketing to rapidly load, prepare, share, collaborate, and analyze data. Analysts benefit from a self-service data analytics solution that is governed, secure, and scalable.


Eliminate manual and complex tasks

Migrate existing data marts to Oracle Autonomous Database to take advantage of unique automation benefits, eliminate human errors, and get consistent high performance. Leverage built-in data tools for simple, self-service data loading, data transformation, business modeling, and automatic insights. Existing Oracle Database customers can maintain the same data models, tools, and ETLs, making it simple to modernize.


Freedom of choice

Want to take advantage of Oracle Autonomous Database while relying on a third-party analytics tool? Customers have a wide range of options.

Prebuilt, self-service data analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite

EBS Analytics Cloud Accelerator is a prebuilt solution for E-Business Suite powered by Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud. It enables finance professionals to rapidly uncover underlying drivers of profitability, improve the use of working capital, and control business expenditures.


Oracle Machine Learning

Experts and citizen data scientists within business departments can build and deploy machine-learning models in Oracle Autonomous Database, without moving the data to another system.

Oracle is taking a different approach and using automation to deliver a point-and-click, drag and drop experience that's so intuitive it's like the iOS of the enterprise cloud data warehouse space.

Patrick Moorhead Founder, President and Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Enabling data analysts, citizen data scientists, and business users to create and analyze their own data sets with self-service tools avoids IT bottlenecks and significantly improves their productivity.

Bradley Shimmin Chief Analyst, Omdia

October 04, 2021

How to implement self-service data analytics for finance teams

Bertrand Matthelie, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle

No longer is it enough for finance teams to report financial results and streamline processes; in fact, 85% of an ESG survey respondents believe it is imperative for the finance organization to transform from reporting on "what" is happening in the business to "why" things are happening. Finance leaders are expected to answer new questions from executives every day, and to guide business strategy. How can IT enable finance teams to get the deep, trustworthy, data-driven insights they need to make quick decisions—while ensuring data governance, security, and saving significant time and efforts?

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