Globally Distributed Autonomous Database Features

Simple Autonomous management

Automatic data distribution

Data is automatically distributed across shards to simplify application deployment. Administrators can control the mapping of data to individual shards for regulatory or performance requirements.

Automated application routing

Developers can access the distributed database as a single logical database due to native support for Oracle Database client drivers.

Centralized administration

A shard catalog allows you to manage all shards in a sharded database as a single, logical database.

Cloud Scale performance and availability

Dedicated system resources

Dedicated Oracle Exadata Cloud Infrastructure in OCI with configurable operational policies provides processor, memory, networking, and storage resources that enable data isolation and predictable performance.

Shared-nothing architecture

Fast, predictable database performance is provided by a distributed database architecture with no resources shared across database shards.

One-click disaster recovery

The fault-tolerant Exadata platform combined with a distributed database architecture enable 99.95% availability SLAs that increase to 99.995% when used with Oracle Autonomous Data Guard.

Built-in security

Compliance and data security

Data distribution can be configured by administrators so that data stays in a given geographical location to help comply with data residency requirements.

Security for sensitive data

Oracle Data Safe, included with the service, makes it easy to discover sensitive data, evaluate security risks, mask sensitive data, and implement and monitor security controls.

Always-on encryption

Provides automatic encryption for the entire database and for backups with encryption keys that you create and control, ensuring your data is always secure, at rest and in motion.

Simple application development

Support for relational and nonrelational data models

Natively supports multiple data types including document, graph, spatial, JSON, XML, and more for simpler application development.

REST API support for modern application development

Provides database management REST APIs, web interface, and PL/SQL Gateway.

No-code/low-code development

Oracle APEX Application Development, Oracle’s low-code application development platform, is built into Oracle Autonomous Database and eliminates 98% of hand coding, empowering developers to rapidly build sophisticated applications.