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22 Big Data Use Cases for the Modern Business

Data arrives from everywhere these days. But how can you transform massive volumes of big data into something that drives business decisions? In a wide range of industries—from retail to healthcare—big data is being used to maximize efficiency and increase revenue in manufacturing, sales, HR, customer experience, and more.

Why Big Data from Oracle?

Managing big data effectively, efficiently, and securely is harder than ever. But in today’s world of proliferating data, it’s become essential.

Only Oracle delivers a data management platform that absorbs and delivers data of any size and shape for any type of application: analytics or algorithm, across any type of environment: public cloud, local cloud, or on-premises.

Prepare and manage your data more easily. Combine your data more easily. And start analyzing it more easily to uncover insights you’ve never seen before—with true data discovery.

Elements of Successful Big Data Platforms

Utilizing big data allows organizations, analysts, and line-of-business users to make smarter and faster decisions using data and insights that were previously unobtainable or unknown. Strong data management elevates all aspects of the big data ecosystem. The result is a cohesive blend of scalability and efficiency, with individual big data components all balanced to optimize the underlying infrastructure. This ultimately benefits everyone, from IT teams supporting the hardware to data scientists building the models to business teams discovering new insights.

Big Data Technologies

Big Data Integration

Bring all of the different types of data into your organization. Whether it’s data at rest or data in motion, internal or external data, all of your data must be moved and prepared so that others can consume it.

Big Data Management

Cloud-based data lakes and data labs provide flexible configurations to match the needs of the workload and quick scalability. Use Hadoop and Spark, and you can also bring your own tools. Extend your on-premises environments with dev/test and lab environments in the cloud.

Big Data Analytics

Whether it’s simple visualizations or powerful machine learning algorithms, insights come when you apply the right analytics to all of your data. Make your data available to everyone, from executives using voice commands or data scientists using notebook technology.

See the Proof

Big Data Customer Successes

Deloitte Mexico logo

Deloitte Mexico Achieves Faster Time-to-Market with Oracle Big Data Appliance


Deloitte Mexico

Deloitte Mexico achieved the performance and flexibility needed for their customers' big data use cases, internally and externally, with Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Exelon Corporation logo

Exelon Consolidates Big Data Analytics on Oracle


Exelon Corporation

Exelon has consolidated disparate data silos into an enterprise data lake on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Big Data Appliance with Big Data SQL to provide users a single pane of glass for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

Outfront Media logo

OUTFRONT Media Looks to the Future with Analytics


Outfront Media

Hear how OUTFRONT Media will leverage Oracle's big data platform to harness streaming data and the Internet of Things to change how they place and track outdoor advertising assets to create new opportunities for their customers.

Kingold Group Co., Ltd. logo

Kingold Transforms IT with Cloud at Customer


Kingold Group Co., Ltd.

Kingold Group adopts Oracle Cloud at Customer to transform its IT network into a cloud architecture while adhering to data sovereignty concerns.

Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited logo

Daiwa Gains an Efficient Total Solution with Oracle


Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited

Daiwa chose Oracle Big Data Appliance as a total solution and got well-planned education for both technical staff and business users.

Wiggle logo

Wiggle Uses Oracle Big Data Cloud to Understand Their Athletes



The head of data at Wiggle talks about using Oracle Big Data Cloud to create data agility and drive performance across the enterprise.

California Department of Conservation logo

Finding the Needle in the Data Haystack


California Department of Conservation

Bill Bartling, Inland District Deputy for the California Department of Conservation, describes how Oracle met the department's big data challenge and helped identify fraudulent oil production in just two weeks.

RECVUE  logo

RecVue Gains Competitive Edge with Oracle Big Data Cloud



Nishant Nair, CEO of RecVue, speaks about Oracle Big Data Cloud and the trillions of data points, analyzed in real time, that drive new revenue.


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