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Cloud Experience Booster

Oracle Cloud Experience Booster packages are a new format of introducing the Oracle Cloud and its capabilities. We offer short (1 to 2 hour) sessions on a wide variety of topics for a fast and easy way to discover different Oracle Cloud services and use cases.

The Cloud Experience Booster Concept provides:

  • A quick Oracle Cloud enablement
  • Efficient and effective hands-on sessions with Oracle Cloud experts
  • A modular Cloud Booster Package concept – design your own Booster Path!

Below are three example from our catalog (scroll down to download the full catalog):

Get Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Core Services
Get Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Core Services

Oracle Cloud brings together Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database as a Service (DaaB), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings for a complete enterprise platform in the cloud. Oracle Cloud users get an optimized suite of functions and tools designed to optimize flexibility, security, and collaboration.

The package starts with an overview of Oracle Cloud. You will learn how to perform the first steps by configuring users and groups. Furthermore, you will learn how to organize and group different services in compartments.

You will also learn concepts behind virtual cloud networking in Oracle Cloud and configure your first virtual cloud network. Building further on cloud networking, you will provision your first compute instance.

  • Overview Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Users, Groups, and Policies
  • Compartments
  • Cloud Networking
  • Compute

Duration: 1 hour

Target Audience
Chief Platform Architect, Cloud Architects, Chief Platform Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Technology Manager, Process Transformation CIO

Cloud Experience Booster
Managing Costs in the Cloud – Oracle Cloud Budget and Cost Analysis
Managing Costs in the Cloud – Cost Control and Budget Monitoring

Learn more about budgets and how they can be used to set soft limits on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure spending.

In this package, you will learn to set alerts providing notifications when you might exceed your budget, in addition to steps for viewing all budgets and spending in a single place in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

Additionally, you will learn how cost tracking TAGs can manage costs in your tenancy and filter costs in ways such as department, project, or environment. The session also covers how Oracle Cloud Advisor keeps costs under control by providing cost saving estimates through recommendations.

  • Cost-tracking Tags
  • Budgets and Alerts
  • Cost Analysis and Usage Reports
  • Save Costs with Oracle Cloud Advisor

Duration: 1 hour

Target Audience
Cloud Architects, Cloud Administrators, Infrastructure Engineers

Cloud Experience Booster
Autonomous Database Quick Start
Autonomous Database Quick Start

Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s first database designed to use machine learning for automated database optimization, security, backup, updates, and much more, all to increase organizational efficiency and accuracy.

This package introduces the benefits of the Oracle Autonomous Database, including deeper insights in using the platform.

You will provision an Autonomous Database and learn about the advantages of a fully automated database system. We will examine its performance and scalability configuration and how you to connect your applications to maximize its potential. You will load data from the object store and troubleshoot data loads, query external data residing on the object store, manage an ADB instance, and scale an ADB instance.

By mastering Oracle Autonomous Database, you will have more time and resources for tasks that bring real value to your enterprise.

  • Provision Autonomous Database
  • Load Data
  • Query and Visualize Data
  • Wallets
  • Manage and Monitor
  • Scaling an Autonomous Database

Duration: 1.5 hour

Target Audience
Database Administrators, CTO, Head of IT Innovation and Change, Head of Enterprise IT, IT Change Manager, IT Leaders, Chief Innovation Officer

Cloud Experience Booster
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