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Move to a High-Performing, Secure Cloud

Oracle built Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for all types of workloads—from DevTest to critical and from legacy to cloud native. Move to OCI for better price performance, a security-first approach, and a full stack of cloud services across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Plus, enjoy predictable and globally consistent pricing.

IaaS for Dummies

See how your business can get peak performance for critical workloads with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Top 5 cloud security trends

Get up to date on the latest trends in cloud security and learn how to protect your business.

Oracle Cloud Lift Services

Migrate enterprise applications with Cloud Lift Services in weeks, not months.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your business

Easily migrate enterprise apps to the cloud

Migrate custom, third-party, and Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure quickly. Oracle is investing alongside our clients and partners to get you up and running on Oracle Cloud with workload migrations delivered by our top engineering talent.

Oracle apps run best on OCI

Migrate custom apps to OCI

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Reduce cloud costs and enhance performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers lower, predictable, and globally consistent pricing. OCI’s pricing is among the most competitive in industry. The five-year total cost of ownership (TCO) for OCI can be 45% less expensive than from competitors. And with OCI’s predictable pricing, businesses are never surprised by their cloud costs.

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Use autonomous services

OCI is the exclusive home of Oracle Autonomous Database and its self-repairing, self-optimizing features. Oracle Cloud is the only cloud vendor that natively supports crucial elements of Oracle Database functionality, such as Oracle Real Application Cluster, Oracle Exadata, and deep database administrator (DBA) controls.

Gartner: Critical capabilities for operational database management systems

Learn about Oracle Autonomous Database

Best support for hybrid architectures

Deploy your cloud applications and databases anywhere with a wide choice of options, including to global public cloud locations, private dedicated regions in customer data centers, Oracle Roving Edge computing devices, and our blazingly fast Exadata Cloud@Customer—with Autonomous Database delivered behind your firewall.

Learn about hybrid cloud

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Deploy cloud native workloads

Empower modern application development using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, serverless functions, APIs, and Kafka. Oracle provides cloud tooling and automation for these services so development teams can reduce operational tasks and build applications faster.

Explore Oracle Cloud Native

Oracle Apex Demo: Create Apps from a Spreadsheet

Oracle customer programs

Oracle Support Rewards

Rewards customers with $0.25 to $0.33 in credit toward their support bill for every $1 spent on OCI.

Cloud Lift Services

Provides customers with free cloud engineering services to move applications to OCI—from design to migration to go-live.

Bring Your Own License

Enables Oracle customers to use existing Oracle software licenses in the cloud at a significant discount or at no additional cost.

Customer to Cloud

Converts customers’ application support bills to cloud app subscriptions.

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Oracle Cloud Services’ customer successes

Discover why global brands choose OCI.

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Zoom leverages OCI for scalability, performance, and reliability. Using OCI, Zoom has scaled to more than 300 million daily meeting participants.

June 11, 2021

Oracle builds out their portfolio of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Always Free services

Joby Menon, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier, OCI Development User Experience

We’re excited to announce the addition of 13 more Always Free services to Oracle Cloud Free Tier, making Oracle’s Always Free portfolio of services and resources among the most generous in the industry.

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Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Try Always Free cloud services and get a 30-day trial. Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.

Free cloud assessment

Join Oracle’s Hello workshop where experts from our transformation team will help you plan your business’s path to the cloud, regardless of the starting point.

Explore Oracle Architecture Center

View Oracle’s catalog of cross-product reference architectures, solution playbooks, and best practices for ideas on how to design and implement your business’s cloud, hybrid, and on-premises workloads.