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Oracle Content and Experience

Oracle Content and Experience is a cloud native content management platform that offers powerful collaboration, workflow management, and machine-learning–based tagging and authoring recommendations to speed content creation time by 20%, reduce search costs by up to 30%, and enforce corporate governance. Developers can rapidly build content-rich sites with ready-to-use templates, or syndicate content to existing web, mobile, digital assistant channels and enterprise apps to deliver exciting and relevant experiences in marketing campaigns.

Get an overview of Oracle Content and Experience.

Oracle Content and Experience features

Universal content hub

One centralized repository

Store all enterprise content and assets – invoices, marketing assets, company files, images, and videos – in one place that is accessible anytime over phone, computer, or tablet.

Rich media support

Creating video assets has never been easier. Simply start a project within Oracle Content and Experience, create or upload media, and collaboratively edit directly on the platform. Adaptive bit-rate video streaming means faster publication on any channel — mobile, web, within an application, or campaigns.

Desktop-to-web synchronization

Work offline or online – changes made to any content are automatically synchronized with the cloud platform, maintaining a single source of truth.

Digital asset management

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate easily with content management tools supporting in-context annotations, flag notifications, document version control, edits rollback, and real-time conversations.

Built-in workflow automation

Accelerate content creation and publication processes with content automation workflows for planning, approvals, publishing, and translation.

Analytics and governance

Capture interaction metrics on digital assets and apply those insights to further improve content and optimize user engagement. Enforce role-based permission controls over specific assets and folders for proper governance.

Enterprise integration

Integration with existing repositories

Make fast connections to content repositories like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and Oracle WebCenter for unified content management across existing investments.

REST architecture framework

Use REST APIs to publish content within existing business applications or rapidly create new content-rich applications.

Pre-built Oracle CX apps integration

Leverage a single content repository across all Oracle Cloud CX apps—Marketing, Commerce, Sales, and Service—for end-to-end customer experience management. Connectors are also available for third-party CRM systems to support a heterogeneous environment.

Smart content and personalization

Smart tagging

Improve content discoverability and reduce search costs by 30% with tagging and content classification based on machine learning (ML).

Content recommendations

Create more relevant content faster using ML-assisted content recommendations that are based on context, metadata, and project tags.

Audience profile matching

Personalize customer experiences with an ML-attribution model that matches content to specific audience based on their profile data.

Omni-channel delivery

Modern developer tools

Accelerate development of content-rich applications with agile modern tools like React, Angular, or any other JavaScript framework.

Content service APIs

Create content once and publish on multiple channels such as web, mobile, Digital Assistant, applications, and marketing systems, using REST API services for content delivery.

Built-in site builder

Quickly create sites and web pages from prebuilt, customizable templates with minimal IT assistance. Leverage underlying content hub to populate pages with fresh content.

Turning Point logo

Turning Point saves lives with Oracle Content and Experience

Oracle gave us the ability to engage with patients immediately and rapidly build local microsites in order to reduce wait time for appointments from four weeks to two days. We were also able to offer relevant materials and appointment services across our primary and local well-being sites, even mobile clinics. In a year, we have been able to get over 5,000 referrals access to health services a lot quicker than ever before.
Amarijit Dhillon, Chief Information Officer, Turning Point

Oracle Content and Experience use cases

  • Cloud-based digital asset management

    Spend less time searching for what you need and more time building personalized experiences using a unified, cloud-based content management system to effectively create, manage, and distribute digital assets.

    Read City Council of Sant Just Desvern's story

  • Omnichannel content delivery

    Deliver consistent experiences for customers and publish up-to-date content on any channel, including web, mobile apps, messaging/chat platforms, as well as within business applications.

    Watch Glesby Mark’s story (3:34)

  • Develop microsites rapidly

    Launch sites and pages in minutes using business-friendly drag-and-drop interface that eliminates reliance on IT teams.

    Watch Turning Point’s story (2:04)

Oracle Content and Experience use cases
Thought leadership

Quickstart Guide to Oracle Content and Experience as a Headless CMS

With features that run the gamut from traditional content management service (CMS)— layout management, site templating, and in-context preview—to more unusual characteristics, such as smart content and document storage, Oracle Content and Experience is an enterprise-grade CMS and intelligent content platform that is well positioned to serve a variety of content management needs.

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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, E-books, trainings and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Content and Experience. You'll find all these resources and more in the documentation page

Customer Community

Customer community

Oracle Content and Experience’s online community helps members keep pace with product strategy, and provides a solution feedback channel directly to Oracle development. Within this community, members benefit by leveraging the collective knowledge of Oracle customers and product experts.

Oracle University

Training and certifications

Preparing to earn WebCenter Portal Certifications will teach you how to implement a solution that gives a single point of access, with self-service application dashboards. Earning this specific credential signals to managers, peers and potential employers that you have expertise in delivering this maximum value enterprise solution.

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