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  • Oracle webinar with Mastek: Smart Manufacturing in the Cloud

    Across the globe manufacturers are facing multiple challenges, they need to think smarter about how to run their local and international factories. Join this webcast with Oracle and Mastek SCM experts, where we will address key challenges that are currently holding back innovation in the manufacturing sector.

  • Oracle webinar with PwC: Executing Finance Transformation in Insurance

    Replay this webcast with Oracle and PwC experts discussion about the how and why of executing finance transformation in the Insurance sector, which is undergoing rapid regulatory changes.

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Accenture & Oracle discuss the 4th revolution and what it means for HR

Replay this on-demand webinar, where Accenture & Oracle discuss the 4th revolution and what it means for HR executives and shares examples of organizations future proofing HR, with success stories of joint customers ArcelorMittal & Mapei business cases included.

Oracle webinar with DCC: Drive innovation and sustainability to build modern manufacturing companies

Integration between the shop floor and finance and supply chain offices allows us to make the best use of financial resources, capital goods, and the workforce at large. And digital transformation is how we get there.

Replay this webinar to learn about digital transformation in the world of manufacturing, and how a futureproof model of digitally connected enterprise can benefit you.

Oracle webinar with Accenture: Build a brighter, sustainable future through inclusion and diversity

Leading the way in their industries, socially responsible businesses are launching various strategic initiatives to address the complex issue of diversity and inclusion that persist in today’s workplace.

Replay this webinar with Accenture to learn how to achieve D&I ROI and hear from experts about building an innovative solution to this common problem.

Oracle webinar with Inspirage: Connected planning - act faster and adapt quicker in the constantly evolving business world

The future of business arrived sooner than any of us expected. For most of Manufacturing companies, change isn’t an option - it’s a necessity. Bringing together finance and operations is only part of the change. How you leverage external data can also evolve, employing machine learning to create a richer picture of your organization. With that in your hands, you can improve forecast accuracy, eliminate delays in decision making, and deliver prescriptive insights. All through one major shift: Connected Planning.

Oracle webinar with Accenture: How to deliver personalized products quickly and continuously

In today’s market, there’s an increasing pressure to continuously innovate and elevate your approach. It can feel unsustainable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar we look at how you can get into the mind of your customers and bring their desired products to market faster. By incorporating innovative ideas into your process and collaborating and communicating effectively, you can avoid escalations and improve performance.

Oracle webinar with Deloitte: Grow your recurring revenue and drive efficiencies in finance with XaaS

Organizations around the world are shifting to subscription-based business models. With it comes a series of challenges as you adjust to a new way of working. In this webinar - in association with Deloitte - we discuss how you can make this change while improving operational efficiency and mitigating risk, learning more about the key considerations you should be making.

Oracle webinar with Evosys: Leverage suppliers to accelerate innovation and time to market

Innovation is a constant race. It is about staying with - and ahead of - changing consumer demands. This requires working with suppliers who meet your quality standards and can keep up with your shifting needs and expectations. But is such continuous innovation sustainable? In the first of a series of webinars into our integrated suite of cloud applications - in association with Evosys - this is the question we aim to answer.

Oracle webinar with Hitachi: Transitioning to a service-oriented business model

#Finance #Operations

Developing an “as-a-service” business model is becoming a strategic imperative for companies across many industries including Retail, Manufacturing, High Tech. Watch this webinar to find out how you can enable all business processes needed to create an effective and profitable service operating model. Hear from Hitachi and the journey they have been through to transform many of their own businesses to service based models.

In collaboration with Hitachi

Oracle webinar with Inspirage : Align Finance and Operations with your Supply Chain Management to strengthen your business

#Finance #Operations

In this webinar, experts from Oracle and Inspirage will discuss what IBPX is and how those early adopters have taken benefits from a full IBPX deployment using Oracle Cloud Solutions and Inspirage expertise to align Finance and Operations around the Supply Chain.

In collaboration with Inspirage

Automated Transfer Pricing for greater transparency and efficiency

Automated financial controls are essential to achieve better business performance and reduce risk to a company’s reputation and financial integrity.

In this this webinar to hear PwC's Operational Transfer Pricing expert, Lucy Cox and Praesto Consulting's Director of Finance and Tax Technology, Amine Bouguerra, as they discuss the trends they’re seeing with their clients in relation to transfer pricing transformation.

In collaboration with PwC

Capitalizing on M&A and Divestitures: 5 best practices for leading organizations

Merging or acquiring another company can be beneficial for all parties involved, but there are critical steps that are often overlooked.

During this webinar, finance thought leaders from Oracle and Deloitte discuss the five best practices your organization can use to capitalize on M&A, as well as divestitures.

In collaboration with Deloitte

Embrace Business Model Innovation

Today, everything from music and movies to equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance can be delivered “as a service.” In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, companies now need to find new ways to do business to survive. Many have pivoted quickly responding to their customer's needs in new ways.

Watch this webinar, with Inspirage and Oracle, to discover how to survive, compete, and reignite growth.

In collaboration with: Inspirage

Create a risk intelligent culture

Acquisitions grow a company’s data. Add in the expansion of IoT, mobile, and other digital technologies creating new access points, and the risk of data being compromised also increases.

Watch this webinar, with PwC, to build a Risk-aware culture as part of a constant new business model identifying threats or mistakes.

In collaboration with: PwC

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