Sofigate cuts time and labor from its HR processes using Oracle Cloud HCM

Within months of deploying Oracle Cloud HCM, Sofigate cut by 90% the time needed to register new hires in its systems, with more gains to follow.


With Oracle Cloud HCM we have unified our HR data, streamlined the entire HR function, and improved HR service delivery. It has enabled us to optimize resource utilization for customer assignments and ensure we have the functionality and scalability to support our growth targets.

Linda AlamäkiGroup Talent Business Partner, Sofigate Group

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Business challenges

A pioneer of Business Technology Management in Northern Europe, Sofigate helps its customers utilize technology and develop capabilities to hone well-managed business processes. The company experienced significant growth in the last few years, and now employs about 600 people in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Sofigate’s employees, of whom 40% are shareholders, own 94% of the company.

Sofigate’s strategic goals are to become Northern Europe’s leading Business Technology Management company and increase revenue fivefold by 2025. To help achieve these ambitious growth targets, Sofigate’s HR team needed a human resources platform that could help them better understand the company’s talent in order to match employee strengths, interests, and availability with customer needs and assignment opportunities.

Its core HR data was split among multiple systems and many of its processes were manual, which created a heavy burden for the HR team. Too much time was spent on administration and responding to information requests. The company wanted to automate HR processes such as onboarding, promotions, and salary raises on a single system, and introduce self-service so that employees could manage their own personal data.

Why Sofigate Group chose Oracle

Sofigate began searching for a new HR platform by redesigning its HR processes for an ideal-world scenario. The company took a deep look at seven providers before narrowing the list to Oracle Cloud HCM and another vendor with multiple products. Sofigate chose Oracle Cloud HCM because it scored highest on the company’s selection matrix. The company also recognized that Oracle would require fewer integrations as well as less IT management and maintenance than a multiple-applications solution.


Within just three months of its Oracle Cloud HCM deployment, Sofigate reduced by 90% the time needed for the HR team to register new hires into its systems. The employee onboarding process is now self-service, allowing the HR team to focus on creating a better talent experience. The company’s internal promotion workflow—which was previously entirely manual—is now automated and team leads can start the process straight in the system.

All Sofigate employees can now instantly see other talents capability profiles as well as their availability over the next months, which enables more effective allocation to customer assignments and projects. The company also has a much better understanding of its overall talent base, ensuring it can determine the most appropriate strategies for training and development.

With its HR data on a single system, Sofigate has created a standardized, end-to-end HR processes, with variations as needed to support business units across all countries of operation. It also has significantly improved HR data integrity by consolidating on Oracle Cloud HCM.

The company is moving onward in reducing HR administration time, thanks to workflow automation. For example, the salary raise and promotion processes are now fully managed within the system, including the documentation of associated salary and promotion discussions, which were previously held in email. This has resulted in a reduction in time to perform salary and other changes and time to prepare payroll runs.

By using Oracle Cloud HCM, new recruits complete more than half of their pre-onboarding journey before their official start date, enabling them to hit the ground running on day one. This led to more accuracy, relieving the company’s HR team from managing this information for nearly 600 employees. The HR team has more time for value-added tasks such as workforce planning and recruiting.

Utilizing talents capability profiles, capacity information, competencies, and recorded talent discussions have enhanced and improved the delivery of projects and matching the right candidates to Sofigate’s customers.

Publikováno:February 10, 2022

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